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    Where can I get a manufacturer?

    RainZare Newbie
      Hello all,

      This is my second time posting in this forum, but I always visit and read questions other members have asked and found the answers quite helpful.

      I have wanted to open an gift and wedding favors store and I am a bit confused about manufacturing. I have everything together design and concept wise, but I am sure I'll need a company to produce the goods. I need some guidances on where I should choose a manufacturer. If someone knows a link or a book that can enlighten me, I'll greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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          puzzleman Tracker
          RainZare, I am a maufacturer of wooden items for the gift and childrens arenas. If you would like to discuss more, email me at

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            phanio Pioneer
            Are you actually looking for someone to make products you design or a wholesaler who already has products that you want to get and re-sale in your store?

            If looking for a manufactuer - to produce products that you design - you should search for trade organizations around your product offerings. You can do the same for wholesalers.

            Most trade organizations list both manufacturers and wholsalers - those that belong to the organziation and should be fairly legit to work with.

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                RainZare Newbie
                I am looking for a manufacturer to make products that I design. But I'll search for trade organizations like you've advised.
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                    phanio Pioneer
                    Great -

                    try some of these organizations - really look through their website for information and don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call them - this is what these organziations are about - promoting their trade in all ways possible:


                    Just remember to do your homework on the company before signing any agreements.

                    Best of Luck