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    New tech firm expanding nationally . Sales Reps Needed!

    BBS2009 Newbie
      Business Solutions LLC was created with one goal in mind, to create a
      win-win situation. It is our belief that for the long-term success of
      our organization, and to ensure stability and growth, this goal must be
      our cornerstone. Our win-win philosophy started with the creation of
      a phenomenal product line that would truly assist businesses with their
      growth, through the use of technology. Next, we realized that our
      sales representatives would be the backbone. We devised a compensation
      plan that we feel is one of the best, if not the best, in the
      industry. Our goal was to offer our sales representatives the ability
      to earn a six-figure income within a two-year period and we believe we
      have accomplished it.

      the next twelve months Bundled Business Solutions will assemble a
      national sales force of over 2,000. Our sales force will have the
      ability to assist us in the growth of our organization. Along the way
      there will be tremendous opportunity for those who rise to the top. As
      we grow we will promote from with-in. If you have what it takes to be
      a successful salesperson, you strive to sell only the best products and
      services, and you want to be a part of an organization that has values;
      then we invite you to explore a future with Bundled Business Solutions.