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    In Need of Affordable Administrative Assistance

    Ms_Boss Adventurer

      Soon I will be launching my online boutique selling hand painted and customized clothing, targeted towards an urban street wear market. It is a sole proprietorship business and I do EVERYTHING my self. Sometimes it is overwhelming and it would be nice if I could focus more on the design side of things instead the technical business details. I am working on an extremely tight budget since I do not yet have access to any loans and/or business credit. The following is a list of things I need help with...


      Business/ Marketing Plan - market research/ stats


      Website Management - uploading new products and information


      Public Relations - Articles for newspapers and magazines


      Accounting - maintaining a journal for records


      I will still be very much involved with each task since I must provide the necessary information. I do not expect anyone to do ALL the work for me but I do need the professional assistance and outlook.