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    We Offer Various Pay for Performance Services

    instantv Adventurer

      We offer a number of programs which can assist you on a pay for
      performance basis including geo targeting the correct visitors
      demographics using any form of geo targeting you select and sending the visitors directly to your site.. We also offer custom pay by the lead programs
      by which you only pay for the actual leads of those interested in
      speaking with you concerning using your products and or services.

      we can offer you various forms of pay for the phone to follow up leads
      by which your selected targeted prospects will have been pre-screened by our telemarketing division and awaiting your call to discuss your services and rates.

      Also, we can offer you pre-set appointments to meet with individuals and firms directly in order to discuss your services.

      Stop spending your marketing dollar in hopes....Know!

      For additional information please ring 413-725-2331 or email