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    Need help starting my Family Amusement Buz

    kidnplay Newbie

      I have over 12 years of experience in the family amusement business. I work as a senior manager for 10 years for a company call Nickels and Dimes (Tilt) in savannah and Atlanta area. I have many ideas that will work with the proper financing backing. Just to give sponsors some type of just what I'm trying to achieve in this business area. The business would be set up like a Dave & Buster's with out the bar and gambling section. I'm looking more on the redemption game prizes attraction and more popular games. As stated earlier I have many idea that would work that I can't state here but would be happy to go over several ideas to anyone that is willing to help.

      On site tech, fixing malfunctions with volt meter if needed, floor arrangement of games for traffic flow, managing employees schedules, paying attention to small details that other wise would be over looked...ect. Honesty, dependable and the willingness to give a 110% comment. These are just a few characteristics as a owner I would infuse to all my employees.