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    she wants to start a jewelry making business

    simon07 Wayfarer

      This is my first post on the site. I was hoping that someone could provide insight to the following. My wife enjoys jewelry making and is always filling the house with beads, etc. If she could she probably would put a necklace on me. A friend of hers said that she should start a business on this. Now my wife is convinced that this is a good idea. I suggested she start small and start selling to friends, and then maybe approach retail shops, etc. Any other ideas? Also, at what point does this hobby turn into a business?
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          BDS INC Adventurer
          Welcome Simon!

          Your wife has a great business opportunity. I'd suggest her starting with friends and family right now. Get the word out there while people are still holiday shopping. It is a great season to get started.

          I'd also suggest you look into getting a website and sell online. Then to your point you can start to approach retail shops, etc.
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            MetroGal Adventurer
            I agree that it's a good idea to start small. I normally would suggest keeping friends & business separate. But this is different as she's still testing out her business potential. I find that word of mouth is extremely effective - so I'd recommend that your wife make a bunch of her best jewelry & give it as a gift to friends & relatives this holiday season. They will all be like walking advertisements for your wife. I know when my friend has something on really cute - I will ask - "Where did you get that? I want one too!"
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              Ed O'Gee Adventurer
              BDS hit the nail on the head, start with the web and specialty stores. You guys should start there, gauge the market then move on to larger business. Another novel place to look at are beauty salons. In addition to being places where people gather to get haircuts, facials, etc., it's also a place where people gather, talk, network.

              Find some local salons in your area and see if they will carry your line.
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                CorpCons08 Ranger
                I would be more than happy to speak to your wife about planning for a jewelry business. We can speak about the various options she has and decide what route she wants to go.
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  I agree with the suggestions offered above. In addition, most communities have venues (fairs, craft malls, fleas markets) where she could get an inexpensive booth or table to sell items like this.

                  To answer your last question, her hobby becomes a business when she engages in it with the expectation of making a profit. From a practical perspective, it makes sense to create a separate business entity (even if it's just a sole proprietorship) when she starts incurring business expenses (for example, buying more supplies or renting booth space) and starts generating revenues. She has to report the income either way (whether it's a hobby or a business), but can only deduct the expenses if it's a business.
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    Simon, You have gotten some great answers.  Lets try another approach.

                    Develop a business and marketing plan. A business plan is a guide as to how you plan

                    on starting and developing a successful business.

                    Anybody going into business can get FREE help from SCORE both in person and on line.

                    Anybody going into business should register with the I R S (you can register on line at

                    That will get you a Federal I D Number which you will need to buy wholesale and open a bank account.

                    Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                      naveen Wayfarer
                      E shop is a cheap and best solution for her.
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger
                        I saw someone at a festival this evening selling holiday jewelry and wondered about your wife's business. Was any of our input helpful? Have you moved forward? Thanks for any updates you can provide!
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                            designer Tracker
                            Hello. It would be interesting to hear how your wife is doing these days and if the fire and passion with her "beads" is still there for her? If so, it would not be a bad idea to seriously think about what path she may want to go down. I am a die-hard designer and believed in myself enough that I invested in my own web site. It was expensive but after you do the initial investment with materials, supplies, a Webmaster and a Graphics person, etc. then it's just a matter of maintaining everything and keep it fresh. If the household budget is tight, there are still some very professional ways to get exposure and sell product. There is eBay which is suported with Paypal and the feedback system. I also have some friends that are using a site called "Etsy". It is a very crafty site...very Sundance Film Festival-like and everyone is knitting, beading, making tee-shirts, designing greeting cards over there. It could also be a way to go. I can tell you for a fact that most family and friends will definitely support a business in the very beginning but eventually over time a crafter or designer will have to start getting new clients and prospects to carry them through. It's not easy. The jewelry field is competitive. You almost have to have a unique theme or style to stand out from the rest. Your wife should not take anything personally because there are relatives and neighbors that won't buy anything. You just have to remain positive, keep a great attitude and keep taking baby steps forward to reach her goals. Good Luck!
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                              brownie Newbie
                              I, too, have hobbies that make me money and are now being sold in my store! I got started at local and surrounding fairs where I could rent booth spaces for 45.00-2000.00 with abasic business card with my name, #, and info about delivery. I also wore some of my own products and carried extra in my purse because someone was always buying my magnetic freshwater pearl and gem bracelets off my wrist!! I went grocery shopping and showed one to the meat market mngr.; he ended up buying two for his wife! Start small, but be ready to grow!
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                                FCPainter Adventurer
                                One business she could totally take inspiration from would be And1. They are now a $250MM sporting goods company, but that is not how they started. They started making t-shirts that they sold at the courts where they played basketball. Once they did that enough, they approached various local retail shops. Then, they got kind of lucky, because sports locker asked them if they could provide enough shirts to sell in all their stores. So, i agree with the friends and family advice. The other thing she'll need to think about is how she either charges enough or produces enough to make it really big.
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                                  tatiana83003 Wayfarer
                                  First of all you guys are a smart couple. Your wife is doing what most people should do, which is turn something they love into something that makes money! Your right your wife should definately sell to her friends and family first, just to taste the waters. Once she sees what people actually think about her jewelry she can start expanding with the small profits. I suggest ebay, or starting her own website on yahoo where she can customize according to what people need or want. Just make sure you guys set up a small business account where you guys can track the business profits and investments, you want to make sure that your are making more that what you are putting in.
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                                    simon07 Wayfarer
                                    its been a long time since I've written in the forum again. I've been reading all the great content on the site but haven't posted since now. Wanted to give an update on my wife's jewelry making. She's been selling to her friends and to folks at church. I think she has made about $2000 which is handy spending money these days. Now that summer is around the corner she is planning on having a booth at our local weekend farmer's market. To cut costs she is sharing a booth with another gal who is selling clothing. I figure if it doesn't work least the money for the booth is going to the city and it keeps her busy so i can go fishing with the boys. i appreciate the forums kind words and encouragement.