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    make site useful to society?

    jmavadia Newbie
      I have a vision to expand my driving school in every county of NJ.

      I am hiring owner operator Driving instrustors in every county of NJ

      My web site is unique and getting average 50,000 hits every month


      There are many articles, webpromotions, student handout etc on my website.

      How can I make it more useful to the society?
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          Vince Adventurer
          Welcome to SBOC! Can you share with us how your driving instruction methodology is different from other driving schools?
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              jmavadia Newbie
              At Vision Driving School, we explain that Driving is a science.
              Driving all about saving your life and saving others!
              No guessing game.. You must know exactly, what will be the result if you do what.
              We make our student understand the car, their visual pointers, basic 9 visual technique, that is why our phone number is 1(866) 9VISION.

              Also for consumer education point of view, we always alert parents about not giving original documents in advance to any one. Any money in advance. Pay as you go at the end of each lesson.

              Our driving lesson starts with signing up contract, that's were we make student aware that do not sign anything without reading or getting explained, like what we do as soon as student sit in our car.

              Ask for a copy of contract, ask for a itemized money receipt etc for student awarness.

              We talk and relex students while driving. Focus them on their future for selecting collages, selecting educational path.

              We try to fulfil their vision behing driving vision.

              Driving is all about vision and motion and similier to young life like teenagers.......

              Hope to here from you if you can help us improve our services more.....

              VISION DRIVING SCHOOL.....
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              chapeastwood Newbie
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