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    I just need 2-3000, how can that be so hard?

    massagefever Adventurer
      The banks either want 2 years tax returns (1 years in business) or an insanse interest rate. I don't really have realives to ask, where do I look now?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          need 2-3000, O K. Where do I mail the check??

          Who are you?? Do you have email?? Phone??

          Talk to me
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            amspcs Ranger
            Does your business accept Visa or MC? If so you can easily get an advance on those
            receivables without much qualification hassle. If not, there are other options out there--
            contact me at and I'll give you a few phone numbers.

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              bmt2008 Adventurer
              For that amount ($3K) - there are several options for you.

              First, think about some credit products that are similar to credit cards - these are usually small, personal lines of credit - usually up to or around $6 to $7.5K. We work with several on our website under the link Money & Credit - Find Both Here. The best thing about either credit cards or lines of credit is that you only pay interest on the amount you draw - not on the whole amount.

              You could also try micro-credit - these are usually loans up to $25K (usually start smaller and once repaid you can apply for more). Again, several of these on our site under the link Micro-Credit.

              Lastly, there are still a few peer-to-peer lending sites that should easily help you find the $3K you desire. Again, some of these companies are listed on our site under the link peer-to-peer lending. -

              Just some thoughts
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                hart4ever Newbie
                Im in the same boat....i have been search for a week now! I had some credit issues in the past but cant seem to over the bump....i am currently working in the automotive industry - Internet Manager and i have leaped out of the circle and am trying to get my own web company up and go by doing other automotive sites etc....i need $5000 and can make payment of between $500 and $600 per month until paid at whatever interest rate someone would accept me at ........I m going to loose two client tomorrow if I dont have the funds, its just depressing :( there seems to be no way for a person to get ahead

                if anyone knows of where I could go for help please email

                thank you - Marsha
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                  Ryan524 Wayfarer
                  Well you could get a credit card for that amount but theat would be high intrest. Otherwise you could look into an SBA Express loan, ask a bank about it. With the SBA express loan they don't ask for 2 years in business or taax returns, the SBA (Small Business Administation) guarantees the loan so that if the business defualts on it, and you personally can't pay the bank eats only half the loan in a loss and the government reimburses them the other half.