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    Starting an Art Gallery

    marykay Newbie
      I'm starting an art gallery, and am wondering if there is anyone out there with experience in this area.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting an Art Gallery, Welcome

          Yes I have some experience in that area. I am also confused because when I go to Members page it says

          "Providing the best skin care, color cosmetics, spa products and fragrances for men and women"

          Please explain., LUCKIEST
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              marykay Newbie
              Thanks for getting in touch. I am a Mary Kay consultant, that's the business I have been doing so I could get experience on running my own business. I haven't changed the profile because I am still to open the art gallery, which is my newest project. Mary Kay has the best Marketing plan, and has allowed me to learn so much about running a business properly. I need to apply some of the principals to my new business, but I guess I have to learn a few issues about running an art gallery, that's why I am appealing to you. :)