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    An H1-B holder want to set up a business

    Christing Newbie


      I have some questions regarding to my legal status in order to start up a business.

      I am currently an F-1 student at University, this April 1st, my current employer will apply H1-B for me, so that I will suppose to be a H1-B holder after Oct, 09. Meanwhile, I have an idea to start up a business with my friend, who is a green card holder (Our business will not require a huge investment, so I don't think I can apply 'special green card'). I am not sure if I can have the business in the US from legal perspective. I would like to be a co-founder of the business if there is not too many problems with my legal status, otherwise, I am thinking to be an investor to participate to the business operation. Please advice.


      I really appreciate any help with this topic.
      Thank you!