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    Home Based Business Like No Other

    AmbitEnergy Wayfarer
      The Company - Ambit Energy
      The Service - Energy
      The Partner - Royal Dutch Oil (You may know it as Shell) - the 3rd largest company of any kind in the world

      Quick Overview

      Ambit Energy is a BBB accredited business that is partnered with the 3rd largest company in the world, Royal Dutch Oil. Ambit provides a service that is a $500 billion dollar industry - Energy. With Ambit, there is NO monthly products to buy or sell and NO monthly fees after joining.

      Ambit is growing rapidly as it is availabe in 3 states (Texas, Illinios, New York) and will be opening in all 50 states in years to come (See the potential!). You do not have to be in those 3 states in order to be a part of Ambit. You get a chance to build your business and earn a massive income before the energy is available in your state. The compensation plan is the best in the industry and allows residual income each and every month not to mention the rewards program is the best of any business.

      For full info, check out the videos that explain our company in depth.

      If your interested, e-mail me and I will have one of our executives will give you a call and invite you to one of our live online webinars.

      My e-mail is

      Take care!
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          AmbitEnergy Wayfarer
          That link may not work as it put the ending period in the URL.

          Here is the link that WILL work:

          I apologize for that.

          Take care!
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              I have gotten some e-mails asking for the BBB link. Here it is...


              BTW, when clicking on the video link, it does not matter which state you choose in order to view the vids. They are just for reference.

              Anymore questions, keep e-mailing me!


              Take Care!
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                  AmbitEnergy Wayfarer
                  Our team is holding one of our featured weekly webinar presentations tonight Monday, February 23 at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time. We hold them Monday and Wednesday of every week for anyone to see for themselves the power of Ambit. We cover everything you need to know about our business opportunity and answer any questions you have about Ambit.

                  Just to throw a few more facts about Ambit out to you:

                  The deregulation of energy is being called the next American gold rush. It is a $574 billion dollar marketplace and is being categorized as the largest transfer of wealth in this country to date. We are signed with Royal Dutch Shell which is the 3rd largest corporation in the world and 2nd most profitable. This ensures Ambits credibility and longevity and the potential of this home based business opportunity that so many of us are taking advantage of.

                  If you would like to watch in on our presentation, shoot me an e-mail and I will send you the link. It is totally FREE and gives you a chance to watch what Ambit has to offer and ask any questions about this amazing opportunity.