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    How to Start a Home Based Business for less than $499

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      Hello! My name is Nancy Kissinger (sorry, no relation to Henry).


      After spending many years working hard for others in the corporate world, it became time for me to steer my own financial future ... build my own business.


      I faced hurdles, fears, challenges, doubts, yet determined to make it work.


      I am now a successful network marketer with a team of business partners that I respect and admire. My mission is to help my others succeed and experience the freedom I have. I come from a long line of teachers and can't help but take the time train and develop others.


      In fact, as author and creator of I provide valuable information, industry resources, and success tips for my fellow network marketers for FREE.

      If you are anything like me ... you enjoy the Internet and making money.
      By combining the two, I changed my life and financial situation forever.


      I'll explain how I did that, but first I'd like to tell you a little about background.


      I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I was one of seven children - money was always tight. I began working at age ten - babysitting and selling homemade crafts. It's hard to remember a time that I wasn't working. Even during college, I worked as many hours as it took to pay my own way through school. I graduated from Illinois State University and went on to work in professional level jobs.


      One company relocated me to California and I've been here ever since. Over the years, cutbacks, downsizing, threats of closure and/or buy-outs took their toll on me. I began searching for an alternate solution to secure and protect my financial future.


      While continuing to work full-time and raise two children, I started (and quit) many online endeavors; all of which promised to "make me a millionaire". Instead, all I experienced was frustration and desertion.


      No training - like promised ... No mentoring - like promised ... No earning $20K in my 1st month - like promised. For over 5 years, I followed the path of my "success manuals", and inexperienced uplines, but always came up empty-handed. I bounced back and forth through a rainbow of companies searching for that "pot of gold".


      Looking back, I do not regret those years, I learned a lot and grew as a network marketer and leader. They say it's the mistakes and hardships that teach you the greatest lessons - I have to agree. After all, without those struggles I would never have the knowledge and success I enjoy today.


      So what happened, you ask? I aligned myself with a company that exemplifies integrity, quality and forward thinking. There was something different about this company and their business opportunity. After watching the online video movie, I was connected, hooked, entranced ... and, without a moment of hesitation, immediately joined their family of network marketers!


      I now have the freedom and flexibility of working from home full-time, the pride associated with working with a reputable company, and the business model that affords me significant financial freedom.


      I recruit and work with the best. People who are ready to make a change for the better.
      People who are coachable and make a commitment to succeed.

      Those willing to take one more risk ... trust one more time.
      People who will treat their business seriously and have fun making money.


      I invite you to watch the 15 min video presentation that became my Pot of Gold.


      Wishing you all the best and let's talk soon!