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    Factoring Line of Credit

    Rivera Newbie
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      We at Rivera Coatings LLC are a Industrial Coatings
      Manufacturer that are interested on obtaining a Factoring Line of Credit to
      discount our accounts receivables. Can you give me some information on
      what to do and what we need to open such a line of credit?

      I thank you in advance for your prompt response.



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          Kristin Newbie
          Hello, how long have you been in business, how much do you need and how is the personal credit of all members of the LLC?

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            dtominus Wayfarer
            I can Help with that , Please call me so we can talk !!!!!


            David Tominus
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              mlebovits Newbie

              Funding 911 can help you obtain a factoring line of credit.

              With your most current accounts receivable aging report, I can get the process started immediately.


              Marshall Lebovits




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                netnextday Newbie
                Were you able to receive the help in factoring that you were looking for? If not, I would love to speak with you. Our product is a hybrid between a traditional line of credit and a factoring company. Our fees are much lower and the business owner has much greater control of their cash flow. You can e-mail me at if you are interested.
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                  Greg9595 Newbie
                  We can assist your.

                  Greg Godfrey
                  Cembrus Capital
                  877-737-9185 x227
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                    bmt2008 Adventurer

                    Factoring A/Rs is a great way to get working capital for a growing business. Their are good factoring companies and some real winners - if you know what I mean? We only work with honest company that are dedicated to helping you succeed - as you succeed - they succeed.

                    Business Money Today
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                      netnextday Newbie
                      Please contact me at I would love to talk to you about our product. We are a hybrid between a line of credit and a factoring company. You receive all of the benefits a factoring company has to offer without some of the drawbacks. Our fees are much lower but you still have the same access to your receivables for financing. Definitely worth a short conversation to see where we are different than the others.

                      Thanks! Nicole at
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                        Factorpedia Newbie

                        Choosing a factoring company should be a careful well thought out decision.
                        There are many factors out there and they are all different in many respects.
                        You may want to consider starting at the Commercial Finance Association's free
                        search ( lender search feature for a few factors in your
                        area. You should call a few, ask them questions and listen to their answers. This
                        will help you to get a feel for who they are and how they do business. Once you
                        have a feel for a few factoring companies you should work on understanding
                        their pricing and contract differences. Your final choice should be based on
                        the criteria you would choose any other critical vendor for your business. Before
                        singing a factoring agreement have a qualified attorney review the contract
                        documents so you are completely clear on what you are entering into. Keep in
                        mind competition for factoring business is fierce and often times you can
                        negotiate a better deal one way or another. For a great deal of information on factoring
                        consider visiting



                        Good luck with your search,

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                          leasing4u Newbie
                          Rivera, let's chat about factoring. Call me. Steve 615-554-0988