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    What is it with not filling out your profile?

    Iwrite Pioneer
      Are you running from the law? Maybe, you're in witness protection? It must be something big that you can't take a couple of minutes to fill out your profile. What is it with not filling out your profile?

      It may not seem like a big deal but how do you expect to get answers to your questions when we have no idea where you are or what you do? Come on people!

      Here are some issues that are affected by your location:
      * Taxes
      * Employment law
      * Starting a business
      * Registering a business
      * Licensing  
      * Partnership agreements
      * Lending practices
      * Advertising regulations
      * Accounting regulations
      * Liability issues
      * Environmental issues
      * Immigration law
      * Advertising rates
      * Accounting fees
      * Legal fees

      I know I have missed something but you get the picture. Before anyone can answer your questions, they need to know a little about who you are and what you are doing. This is not a privacy issue, some of you give out your website information, duh! It is rude to ask questions, try to sell me something and not be willing to introduce yourself. We are a business community, where is the etiquette? Luckiest or any other member trying to help YOU should not have to ask YOU who are you and where are you located. If you need help that bad, then you should be willing to give us a little information so that we know what we are dealing with.

      I'm stepping off my soapbox.
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          candi58 Wayfarer
          As for myself, it was just an oversight. I'm sure that it's the same way for many new members on here. I did get your reply and it was very appreciated. Thank you. My profile is now filled out for everyone to view. Take care. :o)
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            What is it with not filling out your profile. SO RIGHT

            Thanks so much for your "soapbox"

            It has been one of my stock answers "go to Members page and share some info" along with SCORE.

            Thanks again
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              artforart Wayfarer
              *Iwrite: I love this line of running from the law or on the witness protection program, it gives life to the question of why people do not fill out a proper profile. Seriously however, in the days of scams and spams, people do have to be careful of who they give out personal businss data, but your point is well taken. You have given more than sufficient evidence of a helpful business associate wishing to give advice which is comprehensive and correct. I admire that dedication. Over the course of my own personal usage of our on-line business community I have watched and seen many aspects of individual behavior that quite frankly gives me inspiration, a laugh, an encoragement that I was not expecting. Yes, I look at profiles. It establishes my response whether in text or mental picture. Naturally, I was taken by your recent comment which suggested you had actually taken the time to visit my website and give your opinion of my work. While our community Forum is not a chat line, the business of art takes many shapes and forms and I am not quick to dismiss a client, a business associate, or even someone that has the answers if given sufficient information. Mine, and as well as your profile, is less than detailed, but then I am to assume that you have all the answers and are not looking for advice. I still think it's a hoot, and we could all use more sales and marketing in our business, it might answer some of the questions we ask ourselves when we give out free advice. Like what am I doing here responding to something I know nothing about? I will say that you have made an impression and I feel-like up-dating and elaborting my on-line community profile. artforart *
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                  Iwrite Pioneer

                  Actually, our profiles have all that I asked everyone to supply. You know who I am, where I'm from and what I do - that's all I asked. Especially when you are asking a question that is of a legal or employment or tax nature. The answers to most of these questions are dependent on the location of the business. Employment law in California is unlike any other state, a Texas answer can get a business owner in trouble.

                  I don't pretend to have all the answers. If you check my history you will find I have posted questions that I wanted answers for.

                  Yes, it is a choice whether or not a person fills out their profile. I respect that but it doesn't make the community better. It is like neighbors who wants your help or support but doesn't want to introduce themselves. How much help can a person expect when they aren't willing to introduce themselves?

                  Knowing who I am also allows you to understand who is answering your question - my advice on accounting issues should not carry as much weight as the actual accountants on this forum. But how would you know who is answering your question if their profiles are blank?

                  That's just my feelings on the matter. I don't think they are right or wrong, they are my feelings.
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    I filled out my profile when I first signed up. What's the use of being a member of a business forum if you can not or do not share any information about you and your company? The witness protection program line is priceless, maybe we need to start a forum hall of fame for one liners. That would be my first pick.

                    I don't understand the phrase 'personal business data'. That is an oxymoron. Data is personal if it relates to your immediate home and family, business data relates to your business. No one should ever give out there personal homes address or home phone number.

                    For instance, I posted my business address and business phone number (cell). All business info not personal.
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                        artforart Wayfarer
                        DD: Thanks for the correction, but you will have to admit there are scams and spam that can be avoided by protecting your personal business information, data, or whatever. Busniness becomes personal when your business is personal, family and private life have nothing to do it. What a member wants to put on their profile is entirely up to them, but when there is nothing there, it says something to me and quite frankly I am beginning to be hesitant at whatever my opinion was on filling out profiles in the first place. artforart
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                      gymrat Adventurer
                      Hello Iwrite,

                      I agree, people should fill out their profiles to make answering questions easier as well as giving the community a chance to get to know them. However, profiles go unfilled because some choose be anynomous while others overlooked this. Either way, whether they fill out their profiles or not it's totally up to them. If and when you read posts that have no profiles you also have a right not to answer. What I do not like is a person who ask the people who posted the threads to introduce themselves. Then after they introduce themselves, their questions goes unanswered by the person who asked for the introduction.

                      There are people who always write the same answer no matter what the question is. Perhaps they're more interested in promoting an organization or boosting their own rankings. To me, those answers add no value and are just as bad as not filling out your profile.

                      If your question is specific enough for me to answer then I won't care if you have a profile or not. I'll answer. We are all here just to help one another. If you can help, great. If not, move on to the next thread. But don't ask people to introduce themselves and have them never get an answer from you again.

                      There, that's my 2 cents for the day.