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    I need advice on how to START my business.

    linguist Newbie
      Hello everyone!

      First of all, I am completely new to all of this. I have never considered turning one of my favorite hobbies into a business until now. The idea was suggested to me recently and 2009 sounds like a good year to make things happen!

      I went to school for graphic arts and media. Although I do not currently work in this field, I would like to start a business in it. For the last several years, I have designed DVD slide shows for friends and family free of charge. I have also done slide shows for schools, non-profit organizations, anniversaries and events. In addition I do photo editing and graphic/website design. I have offered these services for free to the public for promotional purposes. Now I would like to start a business in creating DVD slide shows and photo montages. I know these types of businesses also like to offer miscellaneous services such as logo designing, VHS to DVD conversion, and DVD duplication. My business will offer those services as well, but the main focus would be DVD slide shows. I have the tools, the talent, and some money -- now I just need to get started!

      But where and how do I start?

      I have decided that for now, the best thing to do is work out of my home. I have all the essential software and equipment already. I will set up a website for demos/examples, pricing and packages, services, ordering, etc.

      My main concern are the technicalities. Does this business need to be licensed and how do I go about doing that? Do I need to have a personal license to do business and how do I get that? And what about insurance . . . what sort of coverage do I need? Does the business I plan to set up require it? Do I need to be registered with some kind of organization?

      Any answers (as well as other professional advice) to my questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Advice on how to START my business, Welcome

          The best advice that I can give you is to CONTACT SCORE. SCORE is FREE both in person and online.
          SCORE can help you solve your problems.

          Help me by going to Members page and sharing some info.

          Thanks, LUCKIEST
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            Tori Scout
            Hi linquist and welcome to the Community!

            The SBOC is hosting a live event on Jan 27th on how to start your home-based business. Pose your questions to Barbara Weltman. She is a seasoned veteran on the subject and can give some very valuable advice all for free!


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              TBYTE12 Wayfarer

              Resources for Entrepreneurs

              U.S. Small Business Administration:


              U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 as an
              independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist
              and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free
              competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall
              economy of our nation. The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow
              businesses. Through an extensive network of field offices and
              partnerships with public and private organizations, SBA delivers its
              services to people throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U. S.
              Virgin Islands, and Guam.


              Special section on home-based businesses:


              Free online self-paced courses


              SBDC: Small Business Development Centers located throughout the U.S. offering free counseling and seminars:


              Other Resources:




              Me In champions the cause for women's economic independence by
              providing access to business loans, consultation and education. The
              first online microlender, Count Me In uses a unique women-friendly
              credit scoring system to make loans of $500 to $10,000 available to
              women across the United States who have nowhere to turn for that
              all-important first business loan. The organization provides access to
              networks that expand contacts, markets, skills, and confidence.




              offers more than 200,000 pages of how-to content. From aspiring
              business owners all the way to high-profile decision-makers,
     delves beyond the magazine with expert columnists,
              listings, tools and services exclusively designed to deliver the
              catalysts to start, run, or grow a business.




              the website for Inc. magazine, delivers advice, tools, and services, to
              help business owners and CEOs start, run, and grow their businesses
              more successfully. You'll find information and advice covering
              virtually every business and management task, including marketing,
              sales, finding capital, managing people, and much, much more.


              My Own Business:


              My Own Business coursework was designed to help owners of small and
              medium sized businesses identify, understand, and overcome the
              challenges they will face on a daily basis. Individual topics cover
              everything from business plans to marketing plans, licensing to
              financing, e-commerce to franchise opportunities.


              National Consortium of Entrepreneurs:


              the sponsorship of the Kauffman Foundation, NASDAQ, and Beacon Venture
              Capital, the National Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers has been
              established for the purpose of continued collaboration among the
              centers. It is the vehicle by which the top established
              entrepreneurship centers, as well as the new emerging centers, can work
              together to share information, develop special projects, and assist
              each other in advancing and improving their centers' impact.


              Small Business Television:


              The home of small business solutions on the web,
              is the first television network on the web devoted exclusively to
              providing engaging streaming video content to the 25 million small
              businesses in the US. SBTV is committed to helping small business
              owners manage, grow and protect their ventures .


              Startup Nation:


              is the destination where you can learn the important nuts and bolts of
              business, such as how to patent your idea, build a business plan, or
              increase sales. While you're seeking that helpful information to build
              your business, StartupNation is also a resource for you to learn from
              peers. StartupNation includes resources such as its “10 Steps to Open
              for Business” online tutorial, as well as via the weekly StartupNation
              e-newsletter and online seminars.


              Wall Street Journal- Start Up Journal:


              your own business or buying a franchise is tough, even in a strong
              economy. You'll have to research the market, secure financing, open a
              shop, hire employees, and run the enterprise. StartupJournal can help.
              Content comes from The Wall Street Journal, as well as,
              industry experts and StartupJournal's editorial team.

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                linguist Newbie
                Thanks everyone for the helpful tips and links! Without your replies, I would still be at square 1!
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                    Volman30 Newbie
                    Start-up Nation is defintiely a great site, along with SCORE and ASBDC. I just happened to run across another good one I didn't see listed above -

                    You may want to check it out as well - especially the 9 one-hour recorded webinar series they have that takes you all the way from the basics of setting up your business from a financial perspective, on up through automating your accounting. There's also some cool templates and articles about financing and writing a business plan that I am using now to get mine rolling. Best of luck!!!
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                    knkvisser Newbie
                    I have been thinking of doing the same...
                    could you email me when you have a minute??

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                      Snapshot&co Newbie

                      I know it has been 2 years since you posted this question I really hope that you still check your email! My name is Marc Anderson and I have been developing a business model for a photo montage business.  What you are asking about is the exact same thing that I'm into and I would REALLY like to speak with you regarding the technical aspect of the business.  I have all the marketing and business development skills it would require for something like this to be profitable.  I would really like to consult with you on this matter.  I promise you all you'll have to do is hear me out one time on my plan and you'll be interested.  I've been developing a way  to make interactive DVD slideshows, and I'm currently in the process of leasing a lot of online storage space from  I also have setup an affiliate network that would make the planners, notelities, freelance photographers, etc . work together in a way that's unheard of until now.  If you're interested please contact me I'll be waiting.