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    How do I solicit investor?????

    gipmgs Newbie
      The collapse of the housing market followed by the exagerated inflationary price gouging of the oil giants flexing their solidarity muscles gathering as much of our populations expendable dollars as possible, to the brink of depression, before, of course, easeing off just enough too make us feel good about the releif while the hiearchy cashed in with record deposit after deposit, have been the two major influences upon the resulting decline of my profit margin as there is no room for price increases. The federal bailout is a joke and a total imposter of Regans trickle-down theory, which by the way could have been nudged along during the old Bush and Clinton eras, as putting the money in the hands of tax payers and small businesses would have been the best ticket stimulating the banking and loan industries as we could have paid our bills putting the money into circulation and buying more goods which would have stimulated the retail industry.

      Oh! What the hell!

      I am going to fail. My debt outways my cash flow and the scale does not seem too want to tip in a positive direction. Consolidation of debt, pay off of old bills, buy back of the property from the bank who has refused a loan and up grades and repairs as needed are the only things for me to do. I need an investor or investors who can handle a $90k bailout. Interest and lien should handle the colateral end. How do I go about finding a person who would make such an investment. I truly do not want to loose my business!

      gipmgs PS I don't have a clu what this tag thing is all about just hope they post my post this time!!
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          barterbroker Wayfarer

          your name ?
          phone number?

          mine is:
          David Butts

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              gipmgs Newbie
              Mr. Butts, how are you? My name is Michael, I am from Georgia. My E-mail address is Please E-mail information about your company and information about how your company works with a small Business like mine.

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                    gipmgs Newbie
                    Hello Mr. Butts. I have searched your commpany on-line and read most of the information. I have also looked at the application. It is my opinion that there is information requested that I would prefer not to answer on-line. My understanding of this barter system is that it takes some time to aquire such credit and as I have stated, am broke and in need of a saving grace, this does require a monthly fee of which I do not have the money too afford. I hope you understand the meaning of a sinking ship. If I had money for a monthly fee I may be able too pay another bill. I'm not looking for another outflow of cash but a person, an individual who has cash assets and who might be interested in using those assets too help me save my bnusiness. Being broke means I have no credit anymore. If I had the bank would have lent me the money. I feel for the amount I need to save my business that the property should stand with a lien and somthing like an 8% amort rate should seem great in these low interest times. If I make payments for only a few years and still fail the property value should increase and the investment would be secure. Not realy much of a gamble! Hope some one else reads this post and can direct me, or, can help me directly. Thanks for you interest but I don't want top buy a membership to anything. If you have better information please forward to my email and I will look over your proposal.


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                LUCKIEST Guide
                How do I solicit investor,

                Two ways. One: Go to Members page and share some info

                Two: Develop a Business plan that I can read
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                    gipmgs Newbie
                    Thanks Luckiest! I'm just learning about this site and how too work things. This is the first time I have ever had this problem. I do think it is a good investment for someone its just puting it all together and finding the right combination of investor to match my needs with their goals.