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    Getting my product to the market

    Product Inven Newbie

      I have a trash can invention that will sell very well in the market. I have already obtained a prototype but I am at a lost as to the best way to bring the product to the forefront of the consumer market.

      Is it best to find a manufacturer in the product inventor's home state? Will that cut down on costs? Does anyone have a metal manufacturer that they can refer me to?
      Can anyone refer me to a professional website designer?
      Has anyone used a marketing consultant to get their product in the forefront of consumer's eyes? Can someone give me some idea's on how I can do it myself?
      Can I license and market and sell my product at the same time? Is this doable?
      Please Help!!!!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting a business takes research and planning. This web site and SCORE can help.
          Visit a local SCORE office or go on line. SCORE are Counselors to America Small Business and their
          services are FREE. They should be able to answer all your questions and help you to succeed.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            henze07 Newbie

            We are specialised in outdoor furniture and metal fabrication.Our plant is located in China and I am very sure that it will cut down your cost tremendously. Is there any chances we can work?? I can be reach at thank you.
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              hightech Newbie

              Congratulations on your efforts!!! SCORE is a great place to start.

              First have you thought about patenting the invention before present it to anyone? I strongly advice you do.
              The information can be found online for patenting a product also people who do it.

              Second the prototype is needed to ascertain the viability of your project. Go to your local manufactruers if you can. You can find one through your Chamber of Commerce. Try negotiating some deal with them. Mass productions you would want to compare your cost outsourcing to anyother country. Your cost, time of delivery, rules and regulations of the industry and products, also your cost of others duplicating your product. Do a cost analysis through web information if you can't obtain all that information on paid terms or a consultant. If I were you I won't jump myself into hiring a consultant which would cost you good. But it would be a wise idea once things are together and you want to properly run the business. Or try a team of professionals who could be your future employees or partners once the project is up and running and you can afford the luxury of paying others.

              As far as Marketing efforts, join your local Chamber of Commerce promote to them first. If the product is for consumers build some relationships with your local news paper journalists and get them to write articles for free about your product and the company and you. Building a good relationship with your bank is important. Through local contacts try to see if there are investors who are interested in pouring some money for your project.

              Web Site is a key marketing tool. If you can try selling through the web site. For this you need high end web designers who can also promote your site. The internet promotions can be done according to a budget specified by you at first. If you need more information about this consult me personaly with your questions and I would happy to answer you. We do this and more. Also proper reocrd keeping and using technology to your advantage and to gain maximum profits is a must if you want to grow the business.

              Write a Business Plan, and a Ad Plan and budget your self properly. This doesn't have to be a fancy one. But your thought process in a organized manner. And put some figures to see the real picture of your project. Always keep space for unforseen expenses. You can use your local university for this kind of project. Probably get some students to work with you.

              Try not to be a jack of all trades which all small business owners tend to do and burn themselves. Have some living expenses from the time you start the project until you get yourself going. Apply for some grants. Don't go through scams. You can go to the government web site and find more information about grants available for your project since it is I suppose some recycling project.


              Talk to the people and officials who would benefit and understand your project. Get them to discuss the product among their peers. There's lot more to do. Hope this will start you. And stay away from negativity. You can do this. That is the most important "mantra". Good Luck and let us know how you did and if you need any help.

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                  Product Inven Newbie
                  Thank you so much for your response. Yes I have thought about getting my product patented, but I have decided to do a provisional patent first because I would like to make sure my product is finalized with the manufacturer 1st. In addition, I would like to make sure that my product is heavily in demand.

                  It is my understanding that if I patent my product, then thereafter decide to change something, I will have to repeat the process. At least with the provisional patent my product will be on record for a year and thereafter, when I decide to patent the patent will provide me with protection from the 1st date of filing the provisional.

                  What do you think about my assessment?
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                  Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                  Definitely patent your idea. I'd look for domestic suppliers first before looking over seas for a few obvious reasons:

                  1. Overseas factories although they may be cheaper per unit, they'll require you to make large buys before you are likely ready
                  2. Dealing with overseas suppliers means big logistic hassles, tarriffs, and import taxes
                  3. If you have a domestic producer first it may cost you more per unit but headaches in production will be easier to deal with.
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                    hightech Newbie

                    You are on the right track. Go get it. If the product forecast to have a heavy demand, think of growing pains and get yourself prepared for the growth.


                    And to your question for SCORE to someone else. Hope you don't mind me answering. You can make an appointment with them and meet them. It could be again arranged at your local Chamber of Commerce or at the SCORE office. From what I hear you say you need more sophisticated solutions. I don't like to say this but that's my opinion. But start somewhere.
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                        Product Inven Newbie
                        Thanks hightech, your opinion is truly appreciated. I already put a phone call in with the chamber of commerce and I am awaiting a response. Should I discuss the specifics of my product with both entities? Sometimes I am weary about who I discuss my product with without me having a patent yet.
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                            hightech Newbie
                            I' m glad to help someone be successful. You can get them to sign a "Non Disclosure Agreement" This can be found searching web. Or you can put some terms and do it on your own and get them to sign before you have any discussions. This is where I'm little nervous about SCORE. I had a bad experience. Also try contacting SBA (Small Business Administration) either this could be done through your local civic center or chamber. Probably they are more responsible but they may direct you to SCORE.

                            It's very tricky at this point. But use your best judgement since I can't and would not want to tell which way to go. But either way protect yourself as much as you can. Hopefully you have your invention atleast in a form with the exact dates you made the invention. So keep that in a safer place as proof.

                            I had my logo stolen from my computer by a big fish and patented it before me. Also lost my invention patent right. I went through first hand what you are in right now. Communication is key to get your product out so put a call to your local papper to write about this. Tell them to write that this is your invention. This buzz would protect you and open new avenues for you.
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                          Rainmaker Newbie
                          You might want to review how trash is collected around the country before assuming that your market is all households in the USA. Here in Oregon and in many suburban areas acroos the country the trash hauling company provides plastic trash cans on wheels that are approximately the size of 1.5 or 2 standard metal trash cans. In some areas they provide two: one for trash and one for yard debris.

                          Working with SCORE and other local resources you shold build a business plan that takes into account whatthe true size of your market is. In addition, frequency of purchase and channels of distribution should be carefully considered. A sale to one of the "big box retailers" would seem like the greatest thing that might happen to you but if you don't have the manufacturing capacity or credit line to meet their quantity requirements it could put you out of business.

                          Consider patenting the device as suggested by somee others and then allowing a manufacturer tha has distribution in place to make and sell your product on a royalty basis.
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                            Lighthouse24 Ranger

                            It might help us answer the fab and marketing questions if you could provide a better idea of what the product is -- not your proprietary secrets, but something that narrows down (per Rainmaker's post above) whether we're talking about dumpster or an office waste basket or something in between -- and whether the unique aspect of your product is in form, function, application, etc.
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                              hightech Newbie
                              Rainmaker has good points. But don't get discouraged. There are lot to consider and taken into consideration. Also rejections which you should get use to and disregard. Try your local market first and phase your growth over a period of time whichever the way you decide.
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                                hightech Newbie
                                I googled recyclable product grants and came up with this info. I'm not from this state nor know which state you are in. But if I were you I'll call these guys and find out more from them as well.


                                Contact: Bureau of Waste Management, 717-787-7382
                                Application Deadline: Open
                                The contact is Charlie Scheidler,, or (717)-787-7382.


                                NEW - Governor Rendell Says $1 Million Available to Help PA Businesses Increase Recyclable Material Use - 2007 Recycling Markets Infrastructure Development Grant Application Package
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                                  marktingcoach Newbie
                                  Congratulations on your product idea! You start off by saying that your product will sell very well in the market. Have you done preliminary research to validate this? If so, at which price points and what were the results? (Not that you have to give us this info, but you certainly want to know the answers to these questions.)

                                  Since you have not produced/marketed a product before, I agree with the others that you should look for assistance. SBA/SCORE is a great place to start. Look for other advice too. You may want to talk to others in your area who have gone through this process. Local patent attorneys may be willing to introduce you to such people.

                                  Whatever you do, do not try to go this alone. The money, time, and effort you lose would surely be put to better use by spending it on good advice and experience. Just be sure to check the background of those who you choose to do business with.

                                  Good luck!

                                  Peter George, The Marketing Coach
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                                      Product Inven Newbie
                                      As a marketing coach, what type of services do you provide? To answer your question, I've done my own analysis on how much my product will sell for.....I haven't had a formal analysis done. Is this something you do and how? In addition, I am currently in the process of trying to find a mechanical manufacturer in the Illinois area--Do you have any idea how I can access a list? I've done searches online but I only get a few that come up.