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    ItSuitsYou Newbie
      My husband and I are looking to start a small clothing business, emphasis on small. We have both been employed as independent contractors before, but nothing like this. We want to become an LLC and we know we need a business license from our local city. In the beginning, we will not have any employees, we will run it ourselves. So, must we have an Employer Identification Number? We are unsure and want to do everything correctly. Any advice on how to get off the ground will be greatly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Basic Information, Welcome Tisa

          If I was planning on starting a small business, I would do TWO things.

          One, Develop both a Business and Marketing Plan.

          Two, Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE both online and in person.

          To get a Federal I D Number go to (also free)

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Tommy2Hats Newbie
            Hey Suits, congratulations on creating a new business. I think there's some amazing opportunities in clothing these days, you folks should do great.

            If you are going to become an LLC then yes, you do need an FEIN. It's an essentially painless process, especially compared to getting an LLC, for that you need a lawyer.

            Here's the link to the instructions on how to get an FEIN:

            Good luck then!

            John Van Dinther
            2hats Consulting