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    Davecore Wayfarer
      I just got the free year of Registered agent service through and everything is fine except in Florida you have to have a Individual sign or know you signed for them in order to file your AoOrg. I can't get ahold of my account advisor on the site either, I guess because of the weekend. Anyone know what to do beside wait? Everywhere on INcorp it says:

      Note: Any
      documents filed listing InCorp Services, Inc. as the registered agent
      must have agent name stated as InCorp Services, Inc. with all
      punctuation (excluding quotation marks). If client prepares and files
      any document with agent name in any other form, InCorp can not
      guarantee that services can or will be performed and client will be
      solely responsible for any fees associated with amending the filing to
      the correct name form.
      But the state of Florida says this when you file your ARticles of Org.

      The Registered Agent must type their name in the
      'Registered Agent Signature' block below. RA signature MUST be an individual name. If the
      RA is a business entity, an individual must sign on the entity's behalf. *Do not enter the name of the entity
      you are attempting to file as Registered Agent.*
      A business entity cannot serve as its own RA.
      Registered Agent Signature\\
      This signature must be that of the individual "signing" this document electronically or
      be made with the full knowledge and permission of the individual, otherwise it constitutes forgery
      under s.831.06, Florida Statutes.