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    How am I ever going to sell this place?

    scott417 Newbie

      We have a very profitable restaurant and Lodge in the North Carolina Mountains, We just cant seem to secure a buyer.....does any body have any tips on where I can tell my broker to go to get this done..........
      This has been going on for nearly two years, money is there, price is right, HELP!!!!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How am I ever going to sell this place

          Great question SCOTT. It would help to know what you and your broker has done in the past to try and sell this very profitable restaurant?? Maybe it is time for a NEW broker??
          Are you part of the N C Visitors Center?? Maybe they can help??
          Finally, the next person who comes into your place may be the buyer you are looking for.

          Best of luck, LUCKIEST
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