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    Best kept secret in the investment world!

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      Best kept secret in the investment world!




      The Forex market involves the buying and selling of the various world currencies which are constantly changing in value. Forex is the largest (2 trillion per day), most lucrative and liquid financial market in the world, but few people know it exists. Neither your banker nor your broker are going to tell you about it because, quite frankly they can't compete.




      The way most people are discovering the forex market today is by word of mouth.(friends telling friends)




      There are only 3 ways to participate in FOREX...



      1. Hire a professional trader : to trade your money for your (relinquish control)
      2. Buy A self trading course-Spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours teaching \\ \\ \\ yourself how to trade currencies and hope you're not among the 95% who fail in their first \\ \\ \\ 60 days.
      3. Forex Robot - Set it and Forget it proprietary Software.





      Set it and forget it Forex trading system:




      It does not teach people how to trade but rather, how to use proprietary software to set up their own trading account at the brokerage of their choice so that it buys and sells currencies for them. Takes about an hour to learn and just a few minutes per week to possibly average more gains in your account


      monthly than many banks and mutual funds average annually.




      We make profits on the difference in interest that various contries' Central Banks set on their respective currency. (Banks have been doing this for years with your money and call this (Carry Trade Investing)


      If your portfolio is set up correctly , you'll be paid daily interest on the money you control.




      This interest is not just paid on the portion of money that we've invested from our brokerage account, but on a considerably larger amount of money our Forex Brokerage has allowed us to Leverage in the Market.




      The only company to offer proprietary Internet accessible technology that takes the complications and guesswork out of investing on the Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex) and allows you to start trading with as little as $50 is below:




      You can Join FabTurbo for a $149 one time set up fee, Create your own trading account in an hour or two, sit back and watch it go to work for you.





      No classes, No books, No learning to read charts and graphs and no staying up late at night staring at a computer screen for hours "guessing".




      Set it and forget It!