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    Seeking an Angel Investor for Innovative E-commerce Magazine

    Y Not Mag Newbie
      Y-Not Magazine LLC (Y-Not opens Dialect Between Single Men & Women)
      1) Y-Not is seeking an Angel Investor and can be contacted at:
      2) Y-Not has a 7 TIER REVENUE SYSTEM. Interested Investor please contact Y-Not for more Information

      Y-Not is geared towards single men in the United States from ages

      Main Objective: wishes to operate as an ECommerce
      website with a main purpose of providing a forum for Singles in the
      U.S. to connect. This ECommerce site also Coach and provide Live
      advice to Single Men (Via Relationship Interviews & Observational
      Dating Habit Research) to improve their future dating status.

      Secondary Objective: To promote Up & Coming Acts; Favorite weekly
      Movie picks; Fashion Advice (Do's vs Don'ts; What's Hot & What's Not;
      Trends); Gossip Column ("Don't Say I Said", section)
      3) Does anyone have any leads or suggestion for Y-Not Magazine LLC? Please comment/provide feedback