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    Accepting Recurring Payments- suggestions please

    esteemfitness Newbie
      I am a fitness facility, so I need to be able to process monthly & weekly dues for memberships. Can anyone suggest a solution that is dependable and affordable?
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          amspcs Ranger
          There are a few good ones out there. And several that are not so great.. Which is best for you depends on a number of factors---no one-size-fits-all. Please contact me offline and we'll discuss in detail.

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            mnynyurpocket Newbie
            I am an Account Executive for a direct provider of Visa/Mastercard/Discover. I have a really great option for you that is popular with clients who run a business such as yourself. As you shop around and get answers, I would love to chat and give you a few ideas I have used over the years. It's your business and it's sad to say but there are some that only care about the money and you never see them again. My company will give you a personal contact for all of your customer service needs so that you don't have to call a 1-800 number and get passed around. Some times it's easy to look at the current solution and forget about what kind of customer service you will have when you want to stay focused on your business but instead your running hours on the phone trouble-shooting. You can email me at
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              POSGuy Newbie
              Most major processor representatives have recurring billing options that can be used for both credit and debit accounts. You should have a service that can provide you with reporting via the internet so you can manage your various accounts and track cash flow. Ensure the company providing the recurring solution is PCI compliant. This has to do with the latest regulations concerning the security required when storing credit card numbers. Never store them on your computers. The last thing you need is to make headlines in the local paper that detail how you breached your client credit card numbers. Be sure you have (and use) the forms for the clients to authorize the recurring payments via signature to protect you in case of a charge back claim.

              As for costs, is the same with any merchant services product, find a supplier you can trust. All quotes are not created equal (especially in a tier'd rate structure). Your providor should also provide you training on how to process transactions in the most ecconomical manner. Sometimes how you process can be as big of a factor as what your rate is.

              Normally you can find a local sales organization that can provide you on-site support depending on your location. Your level of service will be far superior to that of strictly 1-800 support. If you ever have a question or have a problem, you want someone working for you while you tend to your clients, not on hold in a support que. That being said, there are some that do provide great remote support but more often than not, they are not as resposive or effective and eye to eye support. Most experienced quality rep's get the majority of their new account via referrals.

              Good luck with adding recurring payments to your business.
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                MidSouth Newbie
                If you are still needing help with recurring billing I can help you with that service. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly billing from any Federal Reserve Bank checking or saving accounts. You have total control of adding and stopping payments. Less than the cost of credit card billing. If payment is not in the account on the date of billing we will monitor the account and pull the payment as soon as funds are available. You have the option of adding a one time late fee each month if payment is late.

                No long term contract. Month-to-month service. You can cancel anytime, no equipment to buy. You get an online office that you control all your billing. Simple sign up process. I can have you up and running within the week.

                Let me know if I can be of help.

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                  MidSouth Newbie
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                  per check amount


                  0.27¢ per transaction


                  $10.00 Monthly Maintenance Fee


                  No minimum


                  No Set-up Fee


                  No Application Fee


                  No long term





                  Example: $20.00 X .83% = .16¢ + .27¢ = ( Total: ._43_¢ ) per $20.00



                  Once you set-up an
                  account for recurring billing it is on auto-pilot from then on. Customer service is always only a phone call
                  away if you ever have a question or need help.
                  We will walk you through your first account set-up and are there for you
                  if you need help any other time. Very
                  easy and simple program to add new or delete old accounts and select payment
                  ranges. You can set-up an account to
                  collect either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. You select whatever you and your customer need.

                  If payment is not in
                  your customers account on date of billing we will continue to monitor that
                  account and pull payment when funds are available for the next 30 days. If it goes over your due date you have the
                  option of going in and placing a one time late charge and we will pull that for
                  you too. Same fees apply to any draft
                  from checking or savings account. If
                  after 30 days we are unable to collect payments from your customer they will be
                  placed in collections. We do report to the
                  credit bureaus. This is a good incentive
                  for them to have their funds in place on the correct date. Now your business reports bad debit to the
                  credit bureaus like the big companies and it does not cost you anything.

                  The fitness industry is one of our largest customer bases
                  that we serve. Curves are one of our national accounts for membership auto
                  billing along with many small independent gyms. If you have any question just let me know.