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    Starting Investment Biz Need Help

    NmberCrnchr Newbie
      Okay so I live in IL. I want to start a small biz on the side where I manage investment services for individuals using an online brokerage venue such as tdameritrade. I want to start small and as my reputation grows so will my assets under management. I already manage money for some family members. My strategy is simply to maximum return from index funds with strategic asset allocation at the lowest cost to the investor. If they want to own stock its their choice and I simply put in the orders for them. I don't want to get into the details of my biz. My question is can I do this legally and market publicly with out a series 7 or any other licence to grow my base? Also, what contracts should i have in place to guard me from liability? If I establish my biz can I sponsor myself to get a series 7??? Please help I want to do this biz legally to guard my family from liability???