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    How do i get customers attention that lead to business?

    sbsscn Newbie
      We are Amazing Carpet Cleaning and we are a baby business. We have had business but very very little. I would like to get advice on how or what do do to draw ready to buy customers. I have created flyers and even delivered them in person around the city and other areas but it seems im not getting any business. I have tried the classifieds but no luck. I have offered big discounts and really good carpet cleaning deals. It seems im not doing enought o get more business.....HELP!!!!!!

      These are the services we provide

      Carpet cleaning, Upholstery, Spot and odor removal, commercial, residential, estates, car boats & RV's.

      Our Objective..."We clean your carpet NOT your wallet.

      I welcome any advice and to consider us for your cleaning.
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          TheMediaHog Newbie

          Visibility is everything when you're marketing a business. A sign, a website, even a business card can do it, but in very limited scope. Advertising can do it... at a high price that says to the reader that you've paid to toot your own horn.


          Providing visibility with credibility is the role of PR. Best of all, it can do it at a fraction of the cost of advertising and with increased perception of your company as a valuable, newsworthy product or source of information. Carefully positioned, your business could be featured in newspapers, magazines, or even special events arranged to showcase your company.


          So, when you're working on your marketing plan, don't forget PR. It is a great tool to increase sales and enhance employee relations... giving you the "best bang for your buck".


          For more information on how PR can help you reach your sales goals, visit!
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Not all advertising is expensive and not all PR is free or inexpensive, especially when you have to pay someone to do it.

              Getting your potential customers' attention is about saying something that is relevant to them. A lot of businesses use discounts or specials. That is a quick and easy fix but it starts you down a path of cutting the price of your services that you may never be able to get away from. Then there is telling a quality story, positioning your business as having a high standard that justifies the price, this approach takes time and patience. Neither is bad or wrong, simply different. I think you craft a message that combines a little of both, offer a special while educating customers as to what a quality carpet cleaning company can do for them.

              This will require some advertising and PR, but none of that should be done until you have a message that nails the benefit of what you have to offer. Good luck.
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              sdanil Scout
              I'm pretty good at writing press releases...I wrote a few releases for a good friend of mine who's a dj...he got several jobs out of it...he said he wouldn't have gotten them except for my creativity...the last job he got was from a big exhibitor during the magic show just a few days ago...I was glad to be of help and I'm glad he appreciated my efforts...if you're interested in hiring me...check out my profile...when I was a kid i was an intern for the largest PR agency in NYC...I used to throw parties for the financial community and hold them at the WTC...after we sent out the press releases I'd have to compile the info regarding how much the stock price went up...I don't charge too much...and I sure could use the work
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                mkting Newbie
                There are a lot of good suggestions already. My reply may be an extesion of what IWrite stated.

                How long have you been in business? Which promotions are working for you? Where did you place your classified ad.? Where did you get your current customers? How many repeat customers do you have?

                As you well know, there are many things to consider.

                Who are your current customers? Are your promotions reaching more people like them? Do your promotions appeal to people like them? In marketing, we through around words like demographics and psychographics, blah, blah, blah (understanding your current customers may help you find more customers).

                What are you doing to set yourself apart from other people in your business? That is, what keeps your customers from thinking your service is interchangable with anyone else in your business (they may just call the next person who hands them a coupon).
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                  A_Ellicott Adventurer
                  You mentioned you want "...ready to buy customers." That's the problem with flyers. Only a small percentage will even read them. An even smaller percentage will need carpet cleaning.

                  You should ask yourself. "When people have dirty carpets where do they look for a cleaning service?" I would think the most common answer would be the yellow pages, both print and online. I'm not normally a big fan of the yellow pages, but for your business it seems like the best place.

                  The second place they might look is online. If you haven't already, you should register your the yellow pages and any local directories for your area. You might also consider paying a search engine to be included at the top of the results for a search for carpet cleaning in your area. When I google "bay area carpet cleaning" your site is nowhere to be found.
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                      sdanil Scout
                      A Nice couple that I had done business with had told me their story of how they started their carpet cleaning business in their area 18 years earlier...I think they were from Colorado...I can't remember every customer. But i remember they were really great people. She had printed flyers and delivered them personally to the area they were targeting...her husband had purchased a used truck and had it outfitted with all the necessary steam cleaning equipment. She indicated that most of their business now is from strictly word of mouth...commercial accounts are a good source. She also said she advertises in the penny saver where the ads don't cost too much...I think a good upsell would be products that work long after the carpet has been cleaned professionally. I personally love a product called pro-tek. It's amazing. You dilute it with water...the amounts are given on the container industrial smells good and cleans everything. i'm a neat freak...I told them about it and they were planning on selling it in smaller bottles to their customers. a little goes a long for thought
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                      yosefmartin Newbie

                      Before I begin, I would like to apologize for my English. I'm originally form Israel so try to keep up with my grammatical errors because I belive I can give you a good advice (:
                      My recommendations are.

                      1: Build a website
                      2: Promote it on the search engine for terms such as " carpet cleaners in ..."
                      3: Make sure to list your business (Not necessarily your site. you can start doing so now before you build your site) on as many local directories online as you can ( yahoo local, Google local etc..)

                      I believe that listing your companies phone number on google local and yahoo local will bring an initiate resound. If you type in the term carpet cleaners in modesto you can see the local results displaying first, that is where your company will be listed even if you have no site

                      I have a business myself and I get 90 percent of my clients from the internet. To learn about building your site and promoting it you can check the term search engine optimization (SEO) It will take some time but once you are on google you will see the results.

                      If you have any question you can send me a msg and I will be happy to assist you.

                      Good Luck,

                      Yosef Martin
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                        sdanil Scout
                        Dear Amazing Carpets...want a web site...see my profile...I work a web site will not bring you business...introducing yourself to directly to your potential customers is the first step...a great first impression is a lasting one...commercial accounts are a good source of income as they have high traffic areas that need to be cleaned to look inviting
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                          chezziepoo Wayfarer
                          Have you considered targeting your online market? Google AdWords can be useful if utilized correctly. You get to set how much money you want to spend on that, target your location as well (so you're not wasting clicks on someone out in Alaska who doesn't need you), and find out how your competitors are getting people in. Granted, this is all based on the assumption that you own a website.

                          I find that the yellow pages aren't that helpful anymore since most people turn to the internet or to Google to look up their next choice.
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                            Creative2009 Newbie
                            Do everything in your power to be infront of your potential customers. We have a tendancy to move toward what is dominent in our mind.

                            Following are few ideas:

                            1. Flyers at Churches... Churches are untapped resources. Contact with someone in who is a decision maker in the church and make some kind of deal with a 5% of your income to one of their outreaches etc... have them allow you to put your filyers, magnets, calenders in the church to distribute. Some churches and youth group even advertise you on thier news bullettin for free.

                            2. Buy a Phone list and send a Phone message.... This is a great way to contact with your potential customers. I have written an articele about this "Making the First Contact'. I help several business with this technology.

                            3. Cinema Theaters Advertisement.... have you seen them... while you are eating your pop corn and waiting for the movie to show up?
                            Yea... how many business you came in contact with... Contact movie theater advertising agencies for more details.

                            Wishing you all the best