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    Is 70% of the U.S. Ignorant? Is Information Power?

    Mettler12 Newbie

      Do You Believe Information Is Poweful?
      This is a fact. A study revealed a stunning predictable result. Most young U.S. citizens can't find New York on a map. 69% of those surveyed could not recognize the United Kingdom on a map. Are you one of these people? Information is the currency of today's world. Those who control information are the most powerful people on the planet - and the ones with the biggest bank accounts. YES! Information is POWERFUL! "Find out where people are going and get there first." Mark Twain. Okay, here's how you can get there "first" and make a fortune!

      What I'm about to share with you is a timely delivery of information and we urge you, Do Not let this pass you by. Leverage this technology with the ever expanding Internet, and it will make you a fortune. This is no hype and very real. This is a Ground Breaking, Industry Defining product that is spreading like a swarm on the Internet! Considering this. Less than 5% of ALL websites have Web 2.0 functionality - the other 95% are not interactive which means there's lots of opportunity for you.

      Remember, less than 5% of ALL websites have Web 2.0 functionality. Our technology brings it to 100% with the click of a button - WITHOUT the need to download or install ANYTHING! This is browser based and again, there's nothing to download or install. It works on MOST browsers like; Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and MAC. This is the first application of its kind on the planet. Remember*,* information is power and can make you a fortune. This product is the Next Step in the Evolution of the Internet.
      Okay, now that you have the information, now is the time to act! There's nothing to buy. Click here for details"

      Clarence Williams