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    Need help building a website for products with shopping cart

    scentlady Wayfarer
      I have basic knowledge of setting up a website from FrontPage, but that software is now out of date and I'm lost. I have about 100 products to offer and need to set them up for sale with a shopping cart ability and some sort of printable order form. Since my business is home based and I'm not ready for the overhead of a separate building, this is the most logical way to go. I'm on a VERY limited budget and need help.
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          SEOpro Adventurer
          I can help you with that if you would like.
          I have built websites that are integrated to Google Checkout - now with Shopping Basket support - but perhaps most importantly, websites that appear very high up on Google Search results. Perhaps that is of value to you.

          In the meantime...
          FrontPage, and such HTML Editors are fast becoming obsolete. Can I recommend a white paper you might enjoy relating to why a business is better off using a Content Management System (instead of a HTML Editor)?

          Best wishes to you no matter what!

          Liam Scanlan -
          Author of:
          Web Traffic Magnet ( )
          The 12 Habits of Highly Effective Websites (
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              propspin_mike Newbie
              I wouldn't quite say that Frontpage type programs are on their way out, when Microsoft re-branded that product, and is pumping lots of things into the new version, called Microsoft Expression.

              As someone who has over 20 years in the hosting industry, I haven't heard one other person or group state that wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) html editors are anything but strong as ever.

              While you can't produce Hollywood type websites with many of those editors, you can produce quality basic sites just fine.
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                  gracefulonlin Wayfarer
                  Toss Frontpage, such a useless program. Spend the money on Dreamweaver. Much easier to learn and use, and industry norm.

                  If you want to develop your own e-commerce site, then you'll need a little bit more than just some html editor to develope and manage your site. You have to take into consideration credit card authorization, order processing (back end), shipping calculations, and security - which will probably require some sort of API functions in order for them to work properly. Besides, banks now REQUIRE that all customer data be secured and encrypted and that your site is PCI compliant (google that please).

                  With credit card and identity theft on the rise at alarming rates, banks are cracking down. It's not as easy as the good ole internet days.

                  So, look for a e-commerce system that is already built and ready to go. There are many open-source programs out there such as OSCommerce, CRELoaded, and X-Cart. I would suggest getting one professionally hosted, and then you can just fill with products, and change the look as you see fit. All the technical stuff is handled by the hosting company, and already bult into the software. You can get a decent e-commerce cart for as little as $50/mo now, and not have to worry about all the technicalities of maintaining it.

         has some good prices, but there are many out there, so do some research to see what suites you and your products best.

                  • Grace
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                websolutions Tracker
                Hi, what type of product are you going to be selling? I can create a website that has a professional shopping cart for $3k lump sum or a Paypal driven website for $1200.00. If interested, please let me know.

                Best, Mike
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                  IAmSpartacus Adventurer
                  I definitely agree with Liam that a content management system is the way to go these days. Depending upon how technically savy you aware, there are open source systems out there today that you can implement for free and they all include shopping cart modules. There's a bit of a learning curve involved so if you are in a hurry it might make sense to find someone to set it up for you. Otherwise, it's something you can do for very little cost.

                  The first step is to install the framework itself. If you're going to go this route, I would suggest finding a hosting company that specializes in that particular system. They typically have single-click installs that will setup the initial framework for you. Then, the next step is usually to install a "skin," which is basically a set of files that establishes the look and feel of your entire web site. There are large third party marketplaces where you can purchase these themes anywhere from $100 to around $300. Then, depending upon the system you choose, you may want to invest in more advanced modules for the shopping cart and checkout. Once again, there is a large third party marketplace for these and most modules are around $100 give or take.

                  Here are some CMS web sites:
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                    donnat1978 Newbie
                    Hey ScentLady! Welcome to the exciting world of e-commerce! There's lots of options for you as you move forward with opening your store- but the bottom line is, you need that Solid foundation -- a site that's built with best practices in mind, a site that's search engine friendly and has a professional look and feel- definitely don't want a template in this competitive marketplace! I work for Solid Cactus, a partner developer for Yahoo. I invite you to check out our offerings at -- we have solutions for every budget and stage of business. Most importantly, you are sure to have questions- I can help you-- we take a consultative approach to match the best solution to fit your needs and budget. Feel free to contact me offline if you need help!

                    Best wishes to you!

                    Donna T
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                      sdanil Scout
                      I'll even do pr to get you top position in search engines...I heard to get top position is worth $25,000
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                        solushunz Wayfarer
                        We have an All-In-One Web Solution at an affordable pricepoint designed for small business owners and start ups. Take a ltest drive and get back to let us know:
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                          My_Lan Adventurer
                          If you have a limited budget, you can utilize our web design service. Its sounds like you will need:

                          Database Integration(MySQL)
                          SSL Certificate
                          Merchant Account
                          PayPal Setup
                          Customization for products to be sold
                          Domain Registration
                          Site Hosting
                          Logo Design
                          Template Creation
                          Image Editing
                          Search Engine Optimization and registration
                          Site Map
                          1 Year Bug Design warranty

                          If you are interested in those services, you can check us out at:
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                            NatOnline Tracker
                            There is plenty of cheap cart system and templates you can buy on internet for less then $300. Try and choose one made for FrontPage.

                            We use for more than 3 years and they always provided great technical support, webmasters list specialized on these templates and list of webhosting that rock.

                            Don't spend to much on your site and keep the money to promote your site.
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                              angel123 Wayfarer

                              The reason why i'm sending you an email proposal about websites because it will help you a lot with regards to your business.
                              We can create websites it depends on your wants and needs and also it depends on the nature of business that you have.
                              Here are the sample sites for tattoo shops.
                              Please take a look and let me know which site you like, or the combination of sites.
                              On the bottom of this email I also wrote down all the services that would be included.

                              For example: logo, Web Design, adding you to Google search engine, etc...

                              for more samples please check our website by clicking the following

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                              Adding Blogs and Forum to your Website -SEO (Search Engine Optimization) -Support and Maintenance
                              We currently have free hosting for 3 months!, we will also add a page where your clients can book online and pay online using their visa/MasterCard.

                              SHOPPING CART / eCOMMERCE APPLICATION

                              From the product page, it will have the name of product, description,
                              price and add-to-cart feature. Once a customer clicks on a product, it will
                              take them to the payment page. This is where they will enter all payment
                              information; Pay pal, interact online and credit card functions can be added
                              for payment. All invoice information will be sent to an e-mail account of
                              your choice.

                              CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

                              This will allow you to add products and change content on your own. You
                              will be able to log into an administration section in the back-end of your
                              site. The application is simplified and very user friendly. You wont need
                              anyone to do the minor changes, and with this, you can save a lot of



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                              Send me the specifications and information so we can start working on it. We are
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                              These are just some more recent projects we have done with SEO. Please send me over
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                                puzzleman Tracker
                                Have you looked into using GoDaddy? You can set up a site easy and they do have complete shopping cart services as well. You can get a site up and running in just a couple of days.

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                                    propspin_mike Newbie
                                    Actually GoDaddy web hosting is not well regarded in the hosting industry. It's very similar to 1and1 - no support, random outages due to the number of servers they have that are taxed with too many clients, etc.

                                    GoDaddy is great for domain registration, but not for their hosting or "value added" services, such as shopping cart add-ons (of which you need to pay for - most hosts allow these for free) etc..

                                    If anyone has a question about web hosting with shopping carts, etc - feel free to take a look at our site:

                                    While yes, we do offer a full range of design and hosting services, you can click on an order link, and it will show you our shopping cart system that we use. We have an extensive amount of experience with the platform, and it has worked wonders for us for years (through all the different versions, etc..) - it can be fitted to just about any industry, through templates, which we love when setting up a client's site.

                                    As for getting a site up and running with products - we offer complimentary help setting things up such as payment gateways, product placement, secure site info, etc, for small business clients with all of our plans.

                                    Plus, we have a 30 day full refund period, which never hurts when you're just getting started, and want to see how easy the icon-based hosting system works..

                                    Feel free to get in touch with me via my contact form here:

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                                    bytesngrins Newbie
                                    I would suggest Yahoo Stores for entry level businesses. It is very easy, mostly point and click and very affordable eliminating the need for costly upfront website design services. I have had a Yahoo store for 9 years and have been very happy with it. Basic monthly fee is $39.00 plus .20 or so for every active product. They also take a small percentage on your sales. They have more costly options but I personally don't see the need as a small business for all the bells & whistles they offer.
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                                      Lucrativeblogs Newbie

                                      Hi ScentLady,


                                      I specialize in building online business websites as well as websites for small local businesses.  We have built may websites as you are looking for.  Please look through our inventory of websites for sale, our turnkey websites for sale, our custom business websites as well as our custom e-commerce business websites and then send me an email and we will see what we can do for you.  Visit for a complete listing of our websites for sale as well as our custome business websites. 


                                      Look forward to hearing from you,