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    Asking for Help, Providing No Details

    DomainDiva Ranger

      What is everyones' opinion of trying to answer questions for help when the poster either gives a web address link or no information at all? Does anyone else find it frustrating that there is no information in the post, but there is a web address link, and nothing at all in their personal BOASBC profile....

      I just looked at a post asking for help with a 'target audience' and only a web link provided. No other information at all.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Asking for Help, Providing No Details

          YES D D, I do and so does Iwrite. We have both posted comments on that subject.
          Welcome to that club.

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            amspcs Ranger
            I would think it would be the job of the moderators to filter out these sorts of innane posts in order to
            avoid clutter. That would include posts with inappropriate titles such as "help" and 'need answer' that
            give no clue to the content or intent of the post. Given the number of more deserving legitimate posts that appear to be 'purged' from this forum, it remains a mystery to me how the kinds of posts I have just described
            do manage to get through.

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                Iwrite Pioneer
                I want to warn everyone to be careful. Apparently someone has taken it upon themselves to mark posts like this "inappropriate" and have them removed. I have lost two posts that simply said, "I'm not here to do your homework for you."

                I really think the moderators need to read a post before taking a person's word that it is inappropriate.

                But if the individual who is doing this is reading my comments - shame on you. This forum is better than this. I'm not going to stop posting my opinions.


                derek walker
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                caffeinated Scout
                When I first joined, I wasn't aware that we had the opportunity to fill out a profile. It took me a few weeks to realize that. Maybe if it was required info during the registration process, there would less frustration?

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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger
                  What's happening (I think) is that the community's initial quality, credibility, and level of activity caused it to rank high in search engine results. Now, a lot of people are trying to "ride that rep" to grab traffic for their websites (they don't REALLY have a question, need information, or desire to participate here -- they're merely trying to post something with specific phrases and keywords to increase the odds that someone who is searching for legitimate infomation will hit their website.

                  I'm actively promoting a book -- and believe me, given the number of contributions I've made and things I've discussed here, if I wanted to get obnoxious about it, you (and anyone else who happened across this site or is looking for leadership and management guidance) would be seeing the book's website at every turn. Some people think I'm an idiot for NOT exploiting that more, but it seems tacky to me -- like putting a billboard in your front yard. Sure, it lets your neighbors what you're selling, but it also detracts from everyone's property value. Similarly, a lot of what we're seeing here detracts from the community's value, I think.

                  Why in the world does some of that continue to stand (even after being marked as inappropriate), while other useful posts are removed? I wrote this in another thread, but as this community thrived, it brought lots of new business customers to the site's sponsor. It's possible that there's at least one "disgruntled" employee in a moderator role who may figure that, by manipulating forum content, he/she can hurt the bank (the employees you see face-to-face sure aren't acting like happy campers these days, so it seems possible the same attitudes could exist behind the scenes).