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    Getting Out There.... It Actually Works

    TitleCompany Newbie

      My Name is Miriam Gilmore, I own a Title Insurance Business, for years my company has thrived, with little effort on my part, only because I was riding a humongous Real Estate wave that just threw tons of business my way without me having to go out there and get it (like I did many years ago). Like so many others in this industry I have found myself whinnying about how hard things are and how difficult it is to get new clients in the door, yet I was doing all this whinnying from the comfort of my leather chair in my office. Today I have a different view, that is, If I don't go out there and get it, no one's gonna give it to me. Since I've had this new perspective, I've started going to more business networkers, lunches, calling old clients and setting up meetings. I'm still not anywhere near my previous numbers, but I feel I'm doing something about it and I feel much more positive and accomplished, not to mention I've landed 1 new client. Not bad!