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    I am new to investing, I might need it for my business?

    bigideaguy Wayfarer
      My name is Markus and I recently satrted up a business with my partner, the reason i got a partner was mainly to split the costs 50/50

      I have tons of great ideas, but not the money to put them into effect, I make money from my ideas, but nothing big, I usually spend any money i earn on new ideas.

      I have made a web hosting website, , it is highly reliable and very cheap, however, I don't have the resources to get the word out and to make the user interface better.

      I am uploading a better version of the template soon, so don't worry.

      I wan't money for advertising, and I do offer an affiliate program, but I am not getting many results, I started in december and I have about 8 clients which is enough to keep me running for atleast 6 months if i don't do any paid advertising. I have put about $400 into it so far. I am only 18 and thats why i don't have too much money. Please let me know if and how i should go about letting someone invest?