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    Where can I find funding when my personal investment is gone

    OccasionsByJC Wayfarer
      I would like to open a Hoagie shop. The business plan is not long (2 pages), but it is done. I have done all the foot work and received prices from Sysco and US Foodservice and I have also researched the prices for the equipment that I will need. I have the Ideal area that I would like to open the shop and I have an almost guaranteed location with not much competition. I have the money for the equipment and the first order to get started. I have also opened the bank account already and registered the business as an LLC where I would like to open the shop. But with all of this being done I have no working capitol and I need funding to get the location. The only down fall is that I do not have perfect credit, but nowadays how many people do. Can anyone help me with any suggestions on where I can go to get help with startup funding that I will get some results

      I also am looking for a small space to open the shop. If you are a realtor in GA please contact me. I could also use some marketing help. I have some ideas but need to know if they will be effective.