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    Information About CD & Money Market.

    Danycount9 Wayfarer
      Hello Everyone,
      How is everybody doing? Terrific, I hope. My message pertains to asking you a few questions about investment; precisely Certificate Of Deposit and Money Market. I am not really familiar with how they work, so I am hoping someone could please inform me about that. I recently received $1500. I am willing to invest $1000 into something that would yield interest to the money. Thus, I would like to know if there is any difference between A CD and Money market? Also, what would you suggest that I do, open a CD or Invest in Money Market? If yes, please tell me in which company can I do so? Or at least tell me how can I make the money work me, I know it's not much. I am a young man growing up, I do not want to have to work when I reach 70, that's why I am so adamant about investing. So, I am kindly entreating you guys to provide me with as much as information as possible. I thank you for taking your time to read and also reply to my message.

      Have a great time,