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    Supporting an Inexperienced High Potential Leader

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      How do you affirm and encourage an inexperienced high potential leader when the young leader's doubts, sense of overwhelm and self-imposed pressure are reigning supreme?



      Success in today's demanding business climate requires strong leadership and management skills at every level. The long term success of an organization also requires the regular infusion of young talent similar to professional sports teams. Business needs and the desire to develop high potential talent can place young talent in challenging roles. The reality of any new role can create doubt, pessimism and a sense of overwhelm in anyone including high potential associates. This is a normal response and one that leaders can help young talent overcome. Doing so results in strong business performance, helps your people grow and develop into loyal and committed leaders and produces a bench strength that will help lead the organization powerfully for years to come.

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      *+Do you have a high potential leader experiencing similar struggles? You can help your young talent overcome doubt, a sense of overwhelm and achieve great personal growth! Doing so will develop leaders that are loyal and committed to you and will produce the bench strength your organization needs to succe


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