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    Starting a Business

    Steve816 Newbie

      Hello all,

      I am starting a Lounge/Restaurant here in Kansas City, MO. I have completed most of my Business Plan except the financial part. Since I have never been in this industry before does any one have any Ideas of where I should get these numbers from. Also once I finish my Plan in a week or so, who should I contact in this area that provides loans if I dont have working capital or excellent credit already established?

      Are there any investors who dont look for liquid assets but would loan money and tie the money to inventory or the building. If any one has information I would appreciate it.




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          caffeinated Scout
          Hi Steve816 and welcome to the SBOC! You may not like my answer but I would suggest working in a similar restaurant in which you're trying to open in Kansas City to gain the experience in running one. Ask the manager or owner if they could mentor you. You can start filling in the blanks of your business plan pretty fast that way
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Starting a Business, Welcome Steve

            One of the first places you should contact before you start your restaurant is SCORE.

            You can meet with a SCORE Counselor in person or visit SCORE on line. SCORE is FREE.

            SCORE can also help with the numbers for your Bus Plan.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                Steve816 Newbie
                I have visited with the SCORE here in Kansas City, but they dont seem to know all of the information that I would need for my plan. They are advising me to do the research on my own because they dont have anyone on hand that has done this concept before. So any sugestions?