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    virtual ad min

    idealady Newbie
      Has anyone tried a virual administrative assistant? Does it save time and money as promised? I am looking for help in keeping up to date on office clerical functions, travel bookings as well as some document transcription.

      Any service provider recommendations would be great.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          If you are 'technology oriented' and have the back up such as a blackberry or other device then this may be good for you to use. Also if you are able to schedule point by point and are not worried about the total picture every time you look at an item, then again an online assistant would work.

          If you are not technology oriented I would reccommend using a scheduling book such as those used by doctors. You can pick one up at Office Depot, Staples, etc. Then color code the tasks you are keeping up with and mark due dates/due times in the book.

          I have not used any of the virutal assistants as I am one of those visual people who needs to see everything at once to be able to keep up with my schedule and what is due.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            This is the first time I heard the term "virtual Administrative Assistant. I googled the term.
            It appears to be the start of a new virtual business. See below.


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              Ed O'Gee Adventurer
              Depending on the type of business you are in they can be very helpful. I have a client who has a staff of 2 and they wholesale lumber to different companies and are always on the road. Their virtual assistant handles travel, light budgeting, receptionist duties, etc.

              I don't think they use a large service I think it is a person that works from home. I know for sure they have never actually met the woman but are really please with her services.
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                lhmesa Newbie
                I see that your posting was quite awhile ago (November) but if you are still interested in more information about a Virtual Admin...I recently started offering these exact services and would be more than happy to share some of my company information with you!

                Please feel free to contact me via email ( to get more information on One Click Virtual Aide.

                Look forward to hearing from you!
                Thank you,
                Lydia Halgren
                One Click Virtual Aide