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    Seeking Real proven ideas on making extra cash NO!!! MLM

    CARPAYDIEM Wayfarer

      Please post legitimate ideas to this posting all ideas accepted except MLM's and subscription businesses I understand some initial investments will be required not a problem. I'm looking for raw new or old ideas it can be as basic as selling items on eBay but be very specific on your sources and the experiences you've had doing said idea PLEASE NO SHORT COMMERCIAL SPAM ADVERTISING also no Get rich quick ideas just pure good old fashion strategies on working business models that have a proven track record and please avoid any and all SPAM also make sure all URL's are correct.
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          WannaDevelop Wayfarer
          Domains :)


          Read up on domain names and the industry as a whole...

          Good luck.
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            delachic21283 Newbie
            Dear Seeking Real Proven Ideas

            I have two businesses I work from home.

            1. Herbalife
            a. Weight control management company that is dedicated to helping the world to become healthier
            and live a healthier lifestyle one person at a time.
            1. We have protein shakes (8 flavors)
            2. Green tea (4 flavors) burns 80 calories per glass, has essential antioxidants and herbs to help you
            lose weight.
            3. Supplements designed to perform various functions: lose weight, vitamins, joint support, good
            prostate health, balance women's hormones ( pre or post menopause ).
            4. Eye health.
            5. Kids programs.
            6. Programs for body builders.
            7. Gain weight programs.
            8. Lose weight programs.
            9. Programs just to live a healthier lifestyle.
            b. Skin care line.
            1. For aging.
            2. Acne
            3. Eczema
            4. Psorisis


            Earn 25% to 50% retail, wholesale, residual income, company bonuses and free vacations, repeat customers. You would have all the training you would need to be a personal wellness coach. Teach Weight Loss Challenge classes. You could open a nutrition club. It is a combination smoothie shop (serving our healthy shakes), could also have internet connections for customers, social club, weight management center.



            2. Mia Bella Gourmet Candles

            Petroleum free, enviromentally friendly, longer lasting, cleaner burning- almost 100% soot free, 120+ wonderful
            fragrances, candles made from palm oil.

            Earn 50% commission on most of the products.

            Sell retail, wholesale, craft bazaars, flea markets, fundraisers, consignment shops, and a candle shop
            of your own.


            Company bonuses, residual income, repeat customers, free vacations.


            I also know of an advertising opportunity.

            Conference # 1-712-432-6100 pin# 64895#

            Monday thru Thursday 11:55 AM PST 2:55 PM PST 6:55 PM PST

            Friday 9:55 AM PST

            Saturday 9:55 AM PST

            Sunday 5:55 AM PST

            All meetings are Pacific Standard Time.

            You will be asked for the # of the person who referred you. My # 2785.


            If you have questions about any of these companies call me:



            Thank you for inquiry

            Frances Avery
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              nuSenO Wayfarer
              visit if your looking to make extra cash.
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                delachic21283 Newbie
                Dear Seeking Real Proven Ideas

                I wrote you about Herbalife and Mia Bella Gourmet Candles. These companies are not MLM's. Herbalife has been in business almost 29 yrs. and traded on the NYSE. Get your facts straight! The candles have been in business for about 10 + years. They are both legit. And both enviromentally green. You asked for help and I was trying to give it. In both companies we offer goods for sale. And Herbalife also offers a service to help people live healthier lives. If I hadn't started on and stayed on the products, I am sure I would not be 50 lbs. lighter and able to get off all my prescription meds. with my doctor's blessing. Just because we have more that one way to earn an income with these products doesn't make us a MLM.

                You can market these products strictly over the internet, but that isn't the only way to make money with
                either company. For instance you could teach a weight loss challenge class. Average class size is 20 to 30 people and has been known to reach as high 60 to 80. You can sell on a one to one basis. You could
                open a nutrtion club and reach hundreds of people every week. The candles can be sold through fundraisers, craft bazaars, flea markets, and one on one.

                Now what is your definition of a MLM?

                Frances Avery
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                  DeanMalibu Adventurer
                  Virtual property advertising....whats that??? This is a market very people even know fact its very unheard of. A virtual property is a property that only exist in online community gaming. Very very common in shooters & mmorpg, a good example is Bad Company...the company DICE has billboards scattered through out the game. Buy these billboards and offer them to advertisers or marketing campaigns. One guy actually spent 1 million dollars on a virtual property, he ended up selling it for millions.
                  and thats my 2 cents!