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    New Member: Hire a Virtual Assistant and Save Money

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      "When times get tough, the tough get going." That is a very good saying. It means that when your business is in tough financial strain, you have you work smarter. You have to cut expenses and save money.


      A virtual assistant (VA) will save you money. You will not need to pay for office space, computer equipment, health or workers' compensation insurance, sick leave, vacations, idle chit-chat, or bathroom breaks.


      A VA gets paid only for the time on task. Hire a VA when you don't have or need a full-time employee, when your administrative assistant is sick or on vacation, or when you have special projects. Hire a VA for short or long term, one project or many.


      Save money today, call a VA!


      Cindy Freland


      Maryland Secretarial Services, Inc.


      (301) 352-7927