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    I own a medical PARPLAN contract.  What can I do with it?

    forgotten Newbie
      By some strange miracle, I own a medical PARPLAN contract. I have no idea what this means, what it's value is and what to do with it. Is this collateral for a business loan? If so, how does it work and who do I take it to?

      I desperately NEED to get working capital for my business.
      I'm BROKE. I don't have one thin dime to spend to get this contract evaluated or to pay consultants to execute the contract to it's potential.

      Can anyone tell me exactly what it means to own a medical PARPLAN contract? What can I do with it? Is it valueable? If so, what steps should I take to leverage this contract to grow my business?

      It is assignable.
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          terrafirma Newbie
          I don't know very much about what you are asking but if you can email a copy of it I can send it to my mother who worked for years as a medical biller. If anything maybe she still has her contacts in blueshield that might know what you have. If you want send it to or more description on what you have. Or what you can do is contact the underwriter for the contract if they are listed. I wish I could say for certain what you have but you would have to get more details.

          Hope this helps