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    Acquire Credit and simultaneously promote your business-

    barterbroker Wayfarer

      Hi folks,

      Did you know you have a better chance of acquiring credit thru a Barter Exchange? Since the exchange is a "third party at risk"
      it can provide risk mitigating "Bonding, reinsuring and "like in kind substitution" to its underwriters on behalf of the Businesses looking
      for credit. Plus the membership dues which includes the credit line is 100% tax deductible.
      Simultaneously with all of the above your Business is promoted within the exchange to afford you "new business"

      1-866-546-8737 Call me... ! I can explain more.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Acquire Credit, Love barter

          Will barter my services using Quickbooks anytime

          Thanks for the info, LUCKIEST
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            NoBullFunding Scout
            I read your site and I don't really understand the concept. Can you give an example of how your business works?
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                barterbroker Wayfarer
                but first let me brief you on barter-


                There are many forms of money utilized worldwide for conducting commerce and trade. Barter Exchanges use scrip commonly called "trade dollars" - a paperless accounting unit. Last year, +$400,000,000 +in (+taxable+) domestic trade & barter transactions took place in America. Four-Hundred Billion Dollars +! +86% of Fortune-500 companies, and over a half-million small businesses barter regularly. The barter industry today +is +big business.


                The lion's share of barter trading is conducted through private Exchanges. There are several hundred of these Membership organizations in the U.S. Barter Exchange transactions are accounted for/by posting scrip or trade dollars. Trade dollars are created, backed, and used by the "foundational guarantees" promised to the Exchange by each Member as part of the membership application process. Each member promises to supply (to his Exchange, on-demand & for trade dollars) his products in amounts that are +at least equal +to any trade dollar debt he carries/owes that Exchange. In this way an Exchange's total of Member credit balances (should) always equal debt balances - a zero-sum game. Barter scrip/trade dollars are simply private/individual "full faith and trust" Member-promises, which makes trade dollars +private-_fiat_ +money.


                Bearers of trade dollars hold the traditional +fiat +money risks. Currency devaluation & inflation, actual Exchange malfeasance & defaults, are usually due to a lack of enforceable accounting standards and "transparent" third-party oversight. Nevertheless, it is the privately issued barter Exchange trade dollar that remains the +only< </em>currency recognized and used by every country on Earth. Why? The advantages of trade dollars over +fiat +"legal tender" is that they can +contractually +establish denominated arbitrage values +before +a trade is made. This negates the effects of hourly currency fluctuations as well as pre-assessed currency conversion fees. OPEC's +(Oil) +trade-dollar-denominating last year alone exceeded $280 billion! International grain-bartering represents 90% of the total. This is one of the reasons that the +U.S. Department of Agriculture +is now the world's largest single barter entity.


                The single significant disadvantage for any bearer of trade dollars is that there never has been a currency exchange mechanism. There has never been an "on-demand" means for converting trade dollars into public "legal tender" - into the local +fiat +money. As a result, trade dollars have been unfairly precluded from being used to their full potential in other valuable financial transactions. And this fact only adds to the risks associated with being the prudent bearer of +earned +Exchange trade dollar credit balances. Is there a solution?



                Yes, there is ... Trade & Barter Mutual, Ltd.
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                    NoBullFunding Scout
                    Your explanation is still a bit too technical for my understanding. Can you give an example of how a small business owner would use your service?
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                        barterbroker Wayfarer
                        • How a small business can use our Services. \\ \\ When a small business becomes a member of the exchange.
                        • Their business is promoted to the other businesses within the exchange
                        • They are issued a broker who promotes their business within the exchange
                        • They are issued trade credit*** (which can be taylored to the businesses needs)
                        • They qualify for a lucrative referral program

                        *Trade Credit:

                        • Can be used as "cash flow" for the small business. Businesses can qualify for credit easier with our underwriters*
                        • solely due to The Exchange being a "third party at risk" which enables us to Bond (insure) our business clients credit.*
                        • Mitigating the Risk to our lenders. Plus the entire "cost" of the clients credit can be deducted 100%*