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    Contracts for nursing agency

    danieloni Newbie

      I just opened a nursing agency buisiness and i need help to get contracts in the hospitas or nursing homes.

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          DomainDiva Ranger

          You are asking for help in a very specific field, in a specific place (I assume). However there is no information about location or experience on your profile.

          Provide some more information please.
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            danieloni Newbie
            New nursing agency is located in Califonia. Need help to obtain contract in nursing home or Hospitals. Willing to subcontract with any bigger nursing agency.
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                psychenurse51 Newbie

                Hi ..this is a response to Danieloni. I just want to know how's everything, did you already get a contract? I have the same problem. We were unable to bid for govt contracts because it's a requirement to be in business for at least 3 years. We target nursing homes and group homes, assisted living but still unsuccessful. We have 1 contract for on calls but they haven't called us since they signed the contract. We have a nursing home that signs the contract only on as needed basis. We are based here in Washington State.

                I am new to this site and I am glad that I found it. Those marketing strategies would be very helpful.


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                logowiz Newbie
                You really need to develop your presence among staffing directors of hospitals. They are ther ones that know the staffing needs of the hospitals. Call, call, call, visit if you cas much as you can. Deliver your goodies (brochures, little gift baskets) in person to the staffing directors. That is where your business is. It is a lot of hard work and making your presence in their minds to give your service a try. Also, make sure that your fees/charges are competitive or even a little less than your competition. Show your prospective clients samples of resumes of your nurses, for them to develop confidence in your workforce.

                Once you grow your business, contact me at and I will provide you with Philippine nurses, highly qualified, hihgly professional, terrific work ethics, wonderful bedside manners, hardworking, and very caring to their patients.

                Wishing you the best!
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                  Bruce Mosley Newbie

                  I just joined this website. I notice you open your nursing business and we seeking contracts. I wanted to know if you have any success. I have been in the healthcare industry for 25 years working on government contracts. If I can be of any assistance helping you obtain nursing contracts please let me know. I would be glad to help.