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    Massachusettes Copier company looking CPAs or ACCOUNTANTS

    copier_guy Wayfarer
      I relised after rereading my Subject Line that it was too vaugue given what I was looking for so I decided to repost with a more direct approach so that it might actually attract what it is I am looking for


      With tax season coming up, NOW is the time to have your copier or printer serviced before it goes down in the middle of your busiest time of year, costing you valuable time and possible lost revenue, not to mention if left unchecked some problems can be more costly to repair at a later time due to extensive damage.


      While having your copier serviced now wont gaurantee 'no down time' we at ABM can minimize that possibility by cleaning and inspecting all of your office equipment to identify any problems that may be coming up.


      Imagine you were going on a long trip, oh say from here to California....wouldnt you get your car inspected first? You certainly woudnt want to break down half way there and not know where to get it repaired.


      Mention this blog and we will give you an additional 10% off our published web prices. The time to act is now as this offer only lasts untill the end of December.



      ABOUT US
      We are a service oriented copier,computer and printer company specializing in sales,service and supplies Currently we are looking for CPAs or Accountants as potential clients , We can help to insure that their office equipment will operate with as little down time as possible when it is needed most, by performing preventitive maintanance now before tax season begins. We service Boston, Cape Cod, SE Mass and the South Coast.

      Our web site is

      While the site isnt complete most all of the links work and the rates are there as well

      Any comments, idea, help, or refferals in bringing in new business would be greatly appreciated.