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    Optical Shop Business

    drsenthil23 Newbie
      Haai , I am basically an Ophthalmologist and Laser Surgeon. I have seen that sometimes Optical Shops make more money than Ophthalmologists and they can be of a more entrepreneurial venture.

      I have plans to start my first small Optical Shop in Chennai India. The interior work is allmost over. I would like this shop to be succesful and open more outlets and become a chain shop soon.

      Awareness on eye care is low in india.

      So I welcome ideas on how to make my new venture succesful.

      Thanks in advance.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Congratulations. You have great credentials being an Ophthalmologist and Laser Surgeon.
          Having never been to India, the plan to start with one shop successfully and open more outlets sounds great.
          Develope a BUSINESS and MARKETING PLAN?? Do you have the FUNDS??
          Will you have an Accountant?? A Lawyer?? on your team.
          Best of luck, LUCKIEST
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            Mozart Wayfarer
            Welcome to the community! I'm not familar with the healthcare system in India - so I apologize if this is a basic question. Is your optical shop set up to receive insurance? Or is it set up as cash-only? In the U.S. optical shops receive both types of payments. Often optical shops will advertise that they accept certain insurance companies and also get on the insurance companies website for promotion.

            There is an optical company that is participating on this site. This is there success story on their optical store (Roman Eyes located in the U.S.), check it out:
            When customers can't come to you...go to them!.

            Also, click on the user's profile to see if the business owner wants to get contacted - if so they will of published their website & contact info. Although this one is in the U.S., I bet there are some good learnings you can exchange with each other.
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                drsenthil23 Newbie

                dear Sir

                Thanks for the reply.

                Well the penetration of health insurance is very low. So 99% of our business would be only cash payments.

                Also awareness among people about eye care is very low. people dont want to spend unless something is very series.

                So these are the problems faced in India.

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                    Mozart Wayfarer
                    I have an idea! Similar to the story posted by the U.S. based optical shop - have you thought about going to your customers and delivering this service & eyeglasses to them? This model may be effective, given the fact that eyecare awareness is very low in India and transportation options for some maybe challenging.

                    Also, I understand that wealth in India is changing very rapidly. So maybe for some customers - you can charge them your asking price for services and glasses. But, for the groups of people that can not afford eyecare, would you consider giving them a discount? If not, I am wondering if you can get grants or funding from world health organizations to provide this service to people who need eyecare but can not afford it. Have you looked into this possibility?

                    I think it's a great service you are doing.
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                        drsenthil23 Newbie
                        Dear Sir

                        I appreciate the time u are spending on this.

                        Well going to the customer is a fantastic idea, but there are a lot of practical difficulties.

                        How to take Eye Testing Equipment to the customers place.

                        How do we take a wide variety of frames to the customer. The customers would rather like to shop in a showroom with thousands of frames and choices.

                        I am in the process of gettng grants from Non profit organisations to provide free eye testing and free Glasses to poor people.

                        I am trying to figure out the USP idea to make customers come inside our Optical Store

                        Any Suggestions??
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                    CHINTU Newbie
                    Dear DR Senthil.

                    Hi I am Amit from Mumbai I saw a message from your side that you were opening a Optical store in Chennai a year ago hope your business is doing well.
                    just want an advise from you. I am a person working for Tata company. i have shop in market place and I like to have Business of Optician, where you serve people and also earn.
                    Your early mails sats that you would like to open a chain would you be intrested in Mumbai.
                    if yes please let me know.
                    if not kindly assist as im not from this background.

                    Amit Arora