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    Where to get it?

    YoungAndLucky Newbie

      As a upcoming company we are in search of alot of things. One being the marketing product, which leads to my question, where is the best place (quality and price) to buy flyers, business cards, after job yard signs, mail outs, etc.. ?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Where to get it?? Welcome

          My first suggestion would be the local Yellow Pages. After that the Internet.

          Tell us more, What product are you marketing??

          Who is in charge of Marketing>>

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            A_Ellicott Adventurer
   has a lot of stuff with pre-designed logos they can print. Basically you choose one of their logos, fill in your information and they print it up for you. However, most people in business can spot those forms and signs and it can give an impression of a cheap business. That kind of impression can be fine, depending on your business.

            If you're going for a more professional look with custom designed graphics and what-not I would reccomend that you seek out a printer that can offer you a total package rather than piecemeal each individual item to the lowest bidder. There are three reasons:
            1. You can deliver your artwork to one place and be done. Some places charge setup fees for getting your artwork ready to print and it can be a hassle proofing each and every item.
            2. You will be assured of a consistent look both in graphics and colors.
            3. You may end up getting a better deal on a large order.
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              puzzleman Tracker
              I get my business cards done with Vistaprint. They are an online company and you can create your own design and upload it. They can also do printing on the back of the card. I use the back to show a couple of my products, like a small catalog. I think they will do yard signs as well. Their turnaround is pretty quick and their shipping costs are not bad.

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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  LOL, the last time I got an discount offer from VistaPrint and tried to take advantage of it, the checkout process had one upsell after another (I'd click "no thanks, continue to checkout" and be presented with another one). After about thirty of those (no exaggeration), I gave up and signed out. Since then, they've sent me an e-mail every day, reminding me that I have a project pending. Perhaps if I'm stuck in an airport with nothing to do for a few hours, I'll sign on and finish the process!
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                  ToniM25 Wayfarer
                  I offer free graphic design services and on my website I also have many affiliate printing companies that offer discounted large quantity printing runs for business cards, postcards, signage etc. If you need graphic design services I would love to help you out.
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                      val_cards Scout
                      I asked for a quote for a printing job from you and I still haven't gotten any response from you...I have since located another printer who got back to me the very same day with great pricing. There were several affiliate printers listed on your site; one did get back to me however they indicated the particular printing job I was requesting they couldn't fulfill.
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                      onlinebillb Newbie
                      Is this company online, or are you planning on doing all offline advertising? If you have a website and need a lowcost way to advertise a product, I can help you.
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                        PRINTERS Wayfarer

                        FORTUNE PROPHET can offer cheaper than other agencies including customised design.
                        High quality printing at cheap rates.
                        5000 Business cards on 14 pt. Thick cards stock with 2 sides full clor and uv cost you only 79 dollars.
                        1000 for 27 dollars
                        2500 for 57 dollars.
                        You will get more discounts when you are ordering.

                        email for more details and quote

                        Pay less expect More.... Affordable web/ print design and prints