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    banyanstore Wayfarer

      just started a web store of silver jewels and home décor


      We are advertising in Google ad word for our web site
      promotion but results are not so good it seems that our advertisement is lost
      in a sea.



      Can someone suggest how to reach the direct customers and stores
      or shops who are inserted in our stuff?



      Any web site like this who promote the small business or
      agencies who can sell stuff on commission basis.



      And I an also looking forward for an honest opinioun about
      my website specially the negative point of my website so we can improve the





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          TGA000 Wayfarer
          First off, nice looking site.

          Now... I'd suggest you create a different adwords campaign for each page. You're selling quite a bit of stuff here and not all of it runs together.

          With this you'll want to make sure you track your results. Google offers a free software you can embed in your pages. Track what words convert into sales, and then flush out all the others.

          This shouldn't take more than 30-60 days. It'll slice your costs down to nothing!

          Also, once you know what keywords will turn into cash you'll want to optimize your pages for them. This is called "Search Engine Optimization". If you do it yourself it can be free. If you hire somebody it can cost.

          If you like I can help you a bit. just send an email to and I'll see what I can do.

          If you're wondering if I'm any good, I'll be on NBC 10 Spot in Philadelphia in the next few weeks talking about the book I wrote on this subject. I'm not saying your project is for me, but either way, I can point you in the right direction.

          Did you do your keyword research? Did you use the Adwords External Keyword Tool? Please do that. Get like 1200 words that directly relate to what you do and sell. (If you've done that already then please install the tracking software)

          Also, you can modify your existing campaign to "site targeted". To get these sites Google your keywords and check out the top 10 results (not ads)

          Check their pages. If they have adsense/adwords "above the fold" then put that URL into your campaign. It'll be much cheaper and you'll get a bit more targeted traffic.

          Have you also tried social networking sites? Have you tried sponsoring related events? Have you tried PR?

          Let me know where you are with all this and I can see if I can help you.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Be happy to help. Tell us more. The more you share, the better our answers.
            How did you get into business as a small company selling antique silver jewelry,
            • tribal silver
            jewelry, silk scarf’s, on our website??*
            What did you do before the web site?? How long have you been in business??
            Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??.
            Talk to us, LUCKIEST
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              MyNameWebsite Wayfarer
              Well, are you a reseller for another website? Or do you make your own items? Your website looks decent, but I do not know a lot of people that would buy this type of items. In my experience, most people would only buy one decoration or one time, and nothing else. Online advertisement is expensive. I spent $500 in a day one time, then I decided to tell about my business by word of mouth, create flyers, and advertisement in local newspapers and magazines. I own, but I only had two customers in two year, and thank God I tried another line of online business at the same time and is beginning to growth. I also decided to open a .com seller online business at the same time, and I have about 60 customers in a year. It is looking even better this year as I also opening other online stores for other people under my business. Check it at I can help you open one if you like. Click on Open your Online Business to learn more about it.


              Juan Palomares
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                AppleGraphics Adventurer
                I am sorry to say that I cannot offer any helpful advice on advertising your site as I am in the same boat as you are in that category. As for improving your site, I would mainly work on the left side navigation bar possibly adding links to your 6 basic categories as well as moving the credit card logos and shipping world wide piece to the bottom of the page. For consistency reasons I would also add a new image on your home page where your logo is now and move your logo down as you have down for the rest of your pages. That being said I think your site was designed fairly well especially compared to the average small business web site. I especially like your logo, if you don't mind me asking who designed it for you?
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                  babyjoy214 Adventurer

                  wanna help out with ideas, why not hire a link builder that links your website to other websites, aside that it adds traffic to your site, more visitors can check your site out..


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                    Jaquetta Newbie

                    Im not good with google marketing, personally I have spent alot of money with them with no results. But if you would like to make some extra money until your site ranks well in the search engines, you should take a look at my website . Its a home based travel business that starts paying from day one. Stop by and watch our movie and see the opportunity that awaits. Have a better than great day.

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                      designer Tracker
                      Hello. I tried Google Ad Words in 2007 for almost a full year and completely and totally wasted my money. It was entertaining though for me, to at least google my name and/or key words to see my name and site pop up, but it really was not an effective tool for new propects (that I am aware of). I chalked it up to a bad economy and that people are just watching what they spend their money on regarding luxury items. I also thought maybe my field is very competitive and I was a needle in a haystack among a big sea of Calvin Klein's and Kenneth Cole's. But, with on-line advertising, you have some really great advice on this thread from an expert with the book coming out and who really takes it step by step to narrow down the best results.

                      If you are into print advertising, I would highly recommend I enjoy writing out postcards in my free time and like to market this way. I order beautiful, glossy jumbo-size postcards that are working well for me. People love them and display them in their cubicle, use as a bookmark, and keep on their desk for when they need my product. The site is very, very user friendly and the shipping is amazingly fast. I once ordered 1000 postcards on a Sunday afternoon and I had them on Wednesday!!! If you need names/addresses their site can also help with that. The postcards are great too, because you can walk to boutique's or retail stores and ask permission to leave some cards on a table.

                      Finally another way to advertise is to find BLOGS that talk about decorating and design. Usually the Blog owner will let you do a banner ad for a certain price per month. It's one way you can get people to your site. It's worked for me in the fashion industry with my jewelry to get new customers through shows like Project Runway and the Bloga and fans of the show. You would need to find a home design Blog. Good Luck!
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                        FCPainter Adventurer
                        I think, whether you are talking about online or offline, a lot of marketing is about targeting. So, I'll take a guess that your site might be of most interest to people of Indian descent now living in the US (or elsewhere).

                        Do you know where they gather on and offline where you might promote your site? Is there a partnership you could forge with someone else who sells things of interest to them? Are there any groups (alumni groups from some of those awesome Indian Universities) in the US that you could promote yourself to and and through.
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                          print28 Adventurer
                          I just read your forum, and I know someone has already told you about, and that is okay! I just wanted to let you know that we also, are available to print post cards, flyers, any kind of marketing materials, that you might need to get your name and products out there. If you need any help just let us know! You can email me at:!
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                            travelconsult Newbie
                            Hi Banyan.

                            Have you considered joining the JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade)? Once you are a member you will get a book containing a copy of all the jewelry stores you want. Some of the stores have their annual sales volume as well as their credit rating. Also check with your local expo centers. Find out what their expo schedule is and perhaps there is one that will suit your needs.

                            Best of luck!
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                              emeraldrose63 Adventurer
                              I tried google ads and all they did was take my money.. Same thing with facebooks ads.. My best advice is to get your link out there, thru blogs and networking as many places as possible. You literally have to "work it" daily to get your links out there. I have several blogs and I am also a member of Yuwie and Big Crumbs..
                              Those two places have helped me tremendously! and they are FREE...
                              That's the key
                              Otherwise, if you are wanting to pay for advertisment, pay thru your local newspapers, because the ad places on line are a waste of money unless you are a multimillion dollar conglomerate that can afford thousands for ads.. Those are the only ones that get the front lines on the searches..

                              Here's my YUWIE link : *_
                              Here's My Bigcrumbs link:*_

                              There is no telling how much money I wasted advertising on google ads. It really upsets me..
                              So That's just my two cents..
                              Good Luck to you..

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                                PRINTERS Wayfarer
                                for help