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    Not sure how, but I know what I want...

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      First of all, I'm new here and I have been reading lots of excellent advice and decided to post what keeps me up late at night.


      A few days ago while staring at my computer screen monitoring our different systems and subsystems a thought came to me out of no where..... A thought to start my own business. It's been on my head for two weeks now and about a week ago while doing my laundry in a public place. I kept thinking what kind of business to start...when I noticed a family that came in with several baskets of dirty laundry, at least 5-6 baskets. That was all I needed to figure out what business to start.


      I want to open my own coin laundry mat, I'm not sure how though... I tried contacting some of the owners of the laundry mats in my area but no luck. I was willing to provide my services for free in exchange of information or perhaps a push to the right direction. I work in the IT department for a company in San Clemente California.

      I'm not sure yet if I want to buy a laundry mat or start one from scratch. I contacted a business broker in hopes to get some information in how to buy one but starting my own could be cheaper. We will meet in a couple of days for a listing of businesses that are for sell.


      How could I get more information to start something like this?


      What would you guys do or where to go?


      I don't have a lot of money to start perhaps no more then 10k.


      I have a credit score of 701 and a good credit record.


      Any information will be useful,