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    Together We CAN...

    The Expert Adventurer
      To all Small Business owners.
      Whatever your political affiliations are, if we are to survive the economic down turn, we will have to work together.

      So, please join me and share your ideas that worked in your business

      Last year we were able to cut down our overhead by 20%
      Did you know that sometimes it is cheaper to pay for minutes on your phone lines rather than pay for unlimited calls - we did an analysis of our usage and came up with the phone lines we use all the times and deleted the unlimited call feature from the others.

      We also looked at our Advertising and ROI - deleted a whole bunch of ads that were not working for us.

      The other 3 things the pundits say are
      1. Pay off your high interest loans
      2. Stabilize your existing customer base
      3. Do not do business with customers that do not pay on time