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      Hello out there.........I live and work in Arizona. I recieved a letter on wednesday 10/10/07 from Bank of America, with an introduction that they had just started a new healthcare system. IT was only $19.95 per month per person and covered just about everything. Well, needless to say I was very interested to sign up and get my few employees coverage.............. is sunday and in our local Arizona paper it stated that this is a scam and do not send them money and avoid the Best Benefits completely. Bank of America has nothing to do with this program.... So, please if you get a form letter and it looks like the real deal from Bank of America.....check into it immediately.
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          erinoir Newbie
          I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope that you are able to reclaim your lost funds. Thank you for warning everyone!

          If you are in need of benefits, check out the info in my profile.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Thanks for the heads up. People spend a lot of time coming up with scams.
            I would check with the post office since you used mail. That is interstate.
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              Wow, am I happy I googled Best Benefits and Bank of America! I was really duped by this form letter and was going to send my money. It really looks legitimate! But I saved 19.95 because of this forum, thank you! The form letter says it will deduct monthly payments from your BOA account but doesn't ask for the account number. I guess they are either happy that they "gotcha" for the 19.95 or they ask for the acct number in the next letter to you after pay. I sure hope they don't have access to bank records!

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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                Thanks for the warning. It also serves as a good reminder that the more common a human problem or condition becomes (whether it's finding affordable health care coverage, suffering back pain, trying to lose weight, or whatever), the more scam artists and charlatans it will attract -- so when the purpose of your small business is to help people (or organizations) solve their problems, part of the ongoing marketing challenge is to separate and distinguish yourself from all the "rip-offs." Thanks again.
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                  FERRARIF40 Newbie
                  glad to see people are checking this out, today is friday nov 2 and I just received yet another exact letter from supposed BofA and said time is running out join now, I am taking this letter to my BofA branch and see if they can do something about this, man I wish it was not a scam, rates would be great for all of us.
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                    The best benefits can usually be found at larger corporations who have outsourced their HR and benefits to a Professional Employer Organization like
           . The reason for this is that they receive much better rates from the insurance companies because they may employee 100s if not thousands of employees (volume discounts.) If you are business owner, these solutions could actually save your company money. If you are an employee without affordable benefits, you might try convincing your employer to opt into a plan like this...
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                      Have you considered a HDHP with an HSA?