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    Online Marketing? What works?

    nuSenO Wayfarer

      We are looking for the best way to utilize online tools to market our web site for our premier product. It is scheduled to go live December 1st 2008. Does anyone have any have feedback or ideas on sites like or ? All suggestions are welcome! Thank you!
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          roymanish Newbie
          The best way is word of mouth advertising.
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              bobpippin Wayfarer
              Hello Roy,

              i agree 100%, Budwiser could easily do without Super Bowl advertizing, but it would go broke without word of mouth talk about Bud that starts at the POP, and spreads across the country.

              Once i was visting Denver Colorado, and a friend and i made up a joke and told it to a few people over 2 days, i then left to return to Florida and took about a week to enjoy the country side, when i arrived in Saint Petersburg, Florida, friends of mine there were telling me my own joke.

              please email me about what computer services you offer.

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              blitzlocal Adventurer
              Depends on your budget-- but you should probably start with PPC (Google AdWords) and then get friends to link to your site.
              You should also ask your friends for feedback on your site-- how to make it more compelling to prospects.

              internet marketing for small business
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                As blitzlocal has said, reach out and network to your friends, and generate some buzz! Blog it, post it, shout it in the streets, just get the word out however you can. Write a good press release about your product and what it does, how it will bring change or innovate above the products in its field, then follow it up by using Digg or Twitter. I recommend keeping your audience as well informed as possible about your release and your progress thusfar, as to dispell any beliefs about "vaporware" and to keep them interested. Once the ball gets rolling, build a good PPC ad campaign to help bring up sales once you've launched.
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                  vikassah Wayfarer
                  You can create a press release and distribute it to several of the free and paid press release sites out there.

                  Write few articles and submit on article directories like (ezinearticles,,, goarticle)

                  Get links from local search engines and yellow page sites

                  Start on PPC and SEO campaigns