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    Opening a Shop to help people going threw school.

    RichKnapp Newbie
      My name is Rich K. (43 years old) I am looking to open a auto shop that will employee people going threw school to give them expereance and extra income.
      This is a 2 fold help. I have problems with employers when they find out I have M.S. they cut me loose. I am a Tec with on job trained no formal schooling.
      It is to help future Tecs to not fall into my rut. To get schooling and on job training. I am looking to get help to open up. $175,000.00 would help open and get starter cars and
      Shop will make special numbered new cars for the collecter. Targeting the upper middle class and upper class (high quality custom cars) This would help me also in I would be able to build
      them the way I feel is quality and won't have to worry about getting cut loose because of M.S.
      Thanks for your time
      Rich Knapp
      Ritch Customs ( I hope )