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      Last year I was off of my job for 8 weeks because of a surgery i had, I did not have any income because i vow for long-term disability on my job, not short-term and 8 weeks are defined as short-term. my bills were behind, my house note, and etc. I called United Way who referred me to various churches and agencies according to my zip code, which unfortunately turned out to be only 5 referrals. Every one of them, told me either that the funds were exhausted, There were waiting lists, etc. No one could help me. I have a passion for helping people. the passion is so strong to sometimes my family member tells me that i am being taken the advantage of. i want to start a business to assist people with clothing, food, utilities, addiction assistance in my zip code area. I do not know where to start with this. Please, Please, Please someone help me get this started.